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Tutu claims “God is weeping” over gay arguments in Anglican church

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  1. Tutu said it all – his words are inspiring for all – I wish and hope that they are keeping one ear open for his words

  2. Chaplain Duku 8 Sep 2008, 8:11am

    I think our dear Bishop has missed the point. when Christians go to war with poverty and other ills that confront the human race, they do so after equiping themselves with the true gospel of Christ. The question we are now confronted now unlike at your time is confusion in what makes us christians and gives us the right and the strength to fight poverty. Without this we and we attempt to fight on our ownt strength, then we headed for defeat and scorn. We neet to get things rightly in order of how they should flow. God bless you I know you have good intentions!

  3. Archbishop Tutu embodies the “true” Christainity, not the Right wing nutty Christians or the stuck in the middle ages Catholics! He should be Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury!

  4. Bill Perdue 8 Sep 2008, 3:04pm

    He’s getting old, he dresses funny and he’s in a cult.

    But he’s the only christist leader in the world I have a shred of admiration for. He put his life on the line for years boldly denouncing the racist apartheid practiced against South Africans and Palestinians. Now he’s defending our brothers and sisters against the homophobia practiced by African christists and islamists alike.

  5. dont you just love this man

  6. I have great respect for Desmond Tutu and it is interesting to see how this has been reported and the responses so far. Unless I have missed something, he has pretty much sat on the fence: christians are called to love their enemies – not persecute them – he is hardly saying anything new. The liberal christians have thrown the baby out with the bathwater by their desire to be inclusive. They exercise the christian virtue of grace but jetison truth (anyone who reads the bible with a reasonably open mind will conclude that God counts all sexual immorality (ie sex outside of a marriage covenant between and man and a women) as sin.) The conservatives on the other hand, have shot the baby in order to keep the bathwater clean. The have jetisoned grace in their defence of truth. The bible teaches that grace and truth are two sides of God’s character – Truth say that sin is an abomination to him – Grace says he paid the price for sin by sending his son Jesus to die in his place.

    A true christian response to “the gay issue” would be to hold onto the truth that all sex outside marriage is sin (and we are all sinners- so no need to get het up about it!) and still love, support and respect those people as though they were our best friends.

    A pastor I knew got this right when I was meeting with him on one occasion – I had been confessing my sexual immorailty (not so heavy as it sounds) and at the end he looked at me and said “you do use a condom don’t you”. He held to the truth – but cared enough to be concerned for my wellbeing.

  7. The word Sin sickens me! the word Sinners sickens mee even more! Lets get this right. The Bible says Original Sin came about when Eve made Adam eat the apple from the tree of Knowledge. Adam and Eve did not exist (genetically its totally impossible for the whole Human race to be decended from two people who had two sons and one killed the other!) There was no Garden of Eden and therefore no tree of any sort and therfore no forbidden fruit of any description. IT’S A MADE UP STORY!!! Therefore there can be no “Sin” or “Sinners”. Yes, agreed there is evil in the world and mostly carried out by people who use religion to justify their perverted reason; Yes Archbishop Tutu, God is weeping and if He/She does exist is it any suprise with the way human beings treat each other in His/Her name!! “God” bless all the innocents who died on 9/11 and all the other innocent people who have suffered in the aftermath!

  8. Mr. Tutu is out of touch with The Word. Homosexual acts are an abomination in the eyes of God and as such would hardly be cause for weeping.

  9. To Dave; Abomination? Crusades and Jihads are abominations not the love shared between two human beings; grow up! God is not BOTHERED!

  10. To Mike – by stating that “God is not bothered” you are acknowledging that God exists – something you previously seemed sceptical about. If he does exist – then there must also be the possibility that actually he is bothered – else what would be the point of being God?

  11. If God does not exist, then he/she can’t be bothered. If God does exist and has the entire universe to worry about, I doubt the love between to human beings of the same sex amounts to great concern in the cosmic reality of things!

  12. neville naidoo 3 Oct 2008, 10:58am

    Thank you Desmond! The world would be a much poorer place, save for the efforts made by people like you. Bless you!

  13. god or no god. Desmond believes there is. And he’s actually focussing on something that needs to be focused on.

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