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Posters call for execution of gays as tensions mount over Sarajevo queer festival

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Reader comments

  1. Once again, it starts…….
    When will everyone realise that all of humanity are equal?

    It disparages me when “little minded” people display their bigotary.

    Straight, but not narrow.

  2. I spent more than four years working in Sarajevo to help people overcome the disaster of the war that happened there in 1992-95. Most of the victims of that war were Muslim and it breaks my heart to think that the very people I worked to help would now kill me if they had the chance. I don’t expect Bosnia’s Muslims to embrace their fellow gay and lesbian citizens but I do expect them to remember what being persecuted and killed meant to them and act to make sure that nothing similar EVER happens to any other group of people in their country. Cestitam my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in Sarajevo! Never forget what you’ve overcome and NEVER, EVER let the monsters in your country loose again.

  3. Bosnian Guy 7 Sep 2008, 10:53pm

    Most people in Sarajevo are fine with this festival, but there are few extremist conservatives who will do anything to provoke hatred. But most people are fine, and I will be visiting and attending this festival and I will make sure to wave the gay flag to everybody’s face, even though I am not gay.

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