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City awaits murder trial as gay teen memorial fund established

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Reader comments

  1. Phil Burke 5 Sep 2008, 6:21pm

    Manchester Gay Village Business Association and Manchester Gay community were shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Michael following an alleged homophobic attack in Liverpool

    On behalf of Manchester Gay Village Business Association and Manchester Gay community may we send our sincere condolences to Michael Family & Friends, its is sad that prejudice, bigotry and hatred still exist in today’s society by small minded people , but by being strong and by everyone coming together in Michael memory we help stamp out homophobic hate crime

    Rest In Peace Michael

    Phil Burke
    Manchester Gay Village Business Association

  2. Cindy Walton 28 Oct 2008, 7:29am

    Commenting from the US months after this terrible crime, let me start off by offering my sincere heartfelt sorrow and compassion for this beautiful young man’s family and friends, and then also to express sorrow and concern for the UK’s gay and lesbian community. Crimes like this should not still be happening because one is gay, different, or misunderstood.
    After reading this story today, my husband and I felt as parents of a 15 yr old son and 13 yr old daughter that we sit down with them and explain just how wrong this kind of hatred is, please know that this was not the first time we spoke of how inhuman acts like this are and how wrong they are but I guess because of shock that this crime happened in daylight, more so happened at all and I fear from reading the comments that the GL community fear attacks like this will continue, I just needed to know that my children understood that if ever in a situation where others are planning or speaking of harming a person because of their sexuality or indifference, the only acceptable, moral, responsible and honorable thing to do is to defend the intended victim and immediately alert police. I have always loved the UK and can only dream of ever seeing your beautiful land, but what concerns me is this, what is happening when your clergy and officials are making comments such as floods are happening because of homosexuality? What an outrage, it is people with that kind of ignorance that should be standing trial accounting for inciting hatred. If the clergy condone hatred for the gay community, it is no wonder that your country’s youth think it acceptable to cause harm such as that done to Michael Causer. They are being taught that this is ok. It is not ok, it is a crime that should be punnished with death by the legal system. This form of talk from community leaders provokes even more hatred and ignorance and leads to what I would consider genocide of a group of people. I have been blessed with meeting and having as loving and beautiful gay friends the kindest and most gentle of souls. It would be correct to say that the gay community is one of love and compassion for their fellow man, that is why this is so confusing to me. How can we as a society condone the mistreatment of the gay community when they are for the most part, souls that are more accepting and loving than any other group? I have never met an angry or hateful gay communnity member, never, they are the most loving and accepting of souls. I beg of our human race to wake up and stop destroying people because they are gay or different. We are all different. Since when did a persons sexuality, give anyone to right to decide whether a person lives or dies? I pray that justice be done for Michael Causer and I encourage the G&L community leaders in your country continue to fight for the rights of gay people. Please do not give up the fight.

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