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Welsh Anglicans unlikely to appoint gay man as bishop

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  1. Alvin in Boston, USA 5 Sep 2008, 5:34am

    It would have been nice. A move toward progress, and a repudiation of those who use ancient ignorance for discrimination and hatreds, all in the Name of God, no less.

    Religion is full of these hypocrites and liars, and leaders who must be Eunuches.

  2. why are we not surprised?! Various elements in the Church would bring back witch and heretic burning if they could.

  3. I can’t really imagine why Dr John would want to move. He has a very nice and influential post as Dean of St Albans, and – while I love North Wales – the job of being a bishop is a thankless and tedious one. Not to mention the s***storm that would ensue if he were raised to the episcopate (having endured that once, I can’t imagine John would want to go through it all again).

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