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Sir Cliff Richard reveals identity of his male companion

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Reader comments

  1. muir edgecumbe 4 Sep 2008, 2:41pm

    Good you Sir “Cliff Richard”, as this is your tsgae name hence the inverted comma’s. Now with your companion, good luck to you, however, should this be a “happy” relationship, then like me, you will continually have to kee[ praying to the Almighty for forgiveness, for being “gay” is against Gods “laws”, will we not be cast onto the pit of brimstone, and handed over to Satan???
    The bible clearly states, that God continoulsy will forgive us sinners, but surely HE will get fed up with us in the end? For we are just plain evil and Sinners!! O have been in a relationship for the past 26 years with the same fellow, and I live this person, , is to love being a sinner?

  2. at the end it is easier to be honnest with the world – WAOU IT IS A GOOD ONE THOUGH !!!

  3. It’s all rather a none event really. Sir Cliff has been in showbusiness a very long time and knows his fan base very well, he is a Christian and has never made any statement to the effect that he is anything other than heterosexual. We can think what we like but until he embraces us as a community and goes on the record he can have as many companions as there are days in the year and it will mean nothing to us as gay people. Sir Cliff knows that it does mean something for famous people to come out, especially when such people are as famous and as well loved as he is. I for one wouldn’t hold my breath that it will happen anytime soon for most of them.

  4. Long lasting closet queen comes to mind!

  5. This is the man who vilified homosexuals, claimed to be celibate and said it was better to be celibate than gay. Hypocrite!

  6. I’m kind of pleased that Cliff has ffinally had the guts to say something, but agreee with johnny, he’s been so useless about being gay for so long, that he isn’t really of any interest to most gay people, but for him personally i wish him and his companion all the best. As for edgecumbe’s comment ! was that a piss take??? Religious people are SERIOUSLY psychologically disturbed!

  7. I had heard the rumours Sir Cliff was closet years ago, and it does fit with a trend that people who declare their celibacy from the rooftops often are.
    I’m happy for him, better late than never. However I agree with Andy re. edgecombe- if you genuinely believe that fire and brimstone stuff edgecombe, you’re far better off ditching religion as you know it cause it’s doing your sanity no favours!

  8. Joanna Rowland-Stuart 5 Sep 2008, 2:26pm

    More people power to him – he’s 100% right, what business is it of anyone’s who he shares his life with?

  9. Cliff is soo not gay. So what if he’s housemates with someone? He was living with that other guy for years – Bill Latham, until Bill went off and got married.

  10. I whole heartedly agree with Joanna! What business is it of anyone’s what Sir Cliff does behind closed doors. Until you’ve walked in the shoes of a public person who was raised during a time when being homosexual was frowned upon and would endanger a popular career then you have absolutely no right to condemn- whether you are straight or gay.

  11. Bill Perdue 8 Sep 2008, 3:43pm

    Dust him with glitter and color hin Liberace.

  12. the christian thing was always a smoke screen for him and it was conveniant. he likes cock.

  13. I think the worst thing was hiding behind the Lord and deceiving his fans especially the fans who liked him for his Christian beliefs and liked him for having good morals and living a clean lifestyle. He uses people and things including the Lord to get his own way and for his career’s sake. I think he loves his career better than anything else and he will use or do anything to have kept it going. And what he said about not wanting to meet Elvis because he was fat: A real Christian and a real fan would have met Elvis no matter what his size. Elvis was still a human being no matter if he is fat or not. People make fun of people being skinny so you have to be one or the other. And I think someone really has the gall to use the Lord and their fans this way just blows my mind! And go on tv on crusades and all and make out like they are something they are not. And do not even act like they are sorry or have any remorse about it at all. Read Leviticus Chapter 20 verse 13 in the Bible and Romans Chapter 1 verse 27 in the Bible and you will see it is DEFINITELY against male homosexuality! It says the penalty for the perversion is death! I bet Billy Graham would not approve of the lifestyle at all!

  14. I agree Paul definitely a hypocrite!

  15. I agree Paul definitely a hypocrite.

  16. That someone would have the gall to use the Lord and their fans this way just blows the mind to keep their career going. Making out like they are something they are not when they are the total opposite! And does not even seem to be remorseful about it at all! If I was his fans I would never buy another product of his again and waste hard-earned money on him.

  17. I think George Michael is right after all. He is vile and vulgar.

  18. Read these chapters in the Bible and they are definitely against male homosexuality! Leviticus chapter 20 verse 13 and Romans Chapter 1 verse 27. It says the punishment of this is death and it is perverted!

  19. Elvis may have been fat but at least he did not use Christianity to hide behind and use and deceive his fans this way! Cliff acts as if it is okay to do this and legalize (gay marriage) it. Why don’t we legalize being a pedophile and rapist and so on then?

  20. Cliff Richard is a cringing coward. He had a nice voice and he sang some nice ballads. But don’t forget he didn’t have the guts, and he STILL hasn’t got the guts! He may have a cock, but Cliff Richard ain’t got any balls! If you’re reading this, Cliff, be brave man and come out and tell the world you’re queer. And you know what? We’ll all really admire you for it! Go on, man, do it!

  21. I read on some other websites where Cliff like teen girls 17 and 18 and after some of his concerts in the 70’s when he was younger they got a lot more than an autograph from him if you get my drift. Cliff did not say he is gay. He only said people who are should have the right to get married if they want to.

  22. David Carpenter 12 Sep 2008, 5:05pm

    Having met Cliff 30 odd years ago and one of my staff was his neighbour when he had his fling with Russ Conway who was deeply in love with Cliff when they were together why Cliff hasn’t done a George Michael I will never know we still love him as an icon and fantastic musician. Hope he has a great life still to come gay or not and continues to entertain us.

  23. If Cliff is practicing the gay lifestyle then why does he say he is a Christian when he is not one if he is not following and doing what the Bible says? And as the Bible is clearly against the gay lifestyle then if he is doing that he is not a real Christian.

  24. Why has this thread been taken over by evil uneducated religious twats ?
    Go read your bible and pray to your god, we’re really not interested in your fundamentalist clap trap!

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