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Sarah Palin: “We grow good people in our small towns”

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Reader comments

  1. H. Davids 4 Sep 2008, 6:31pm

    ‘We grow good people in our small towns’ sounds like a Bushism to me. But never mind that; I guess a prime example is her futute son-in-law, Levi Johnston, proud to be a f..king redneck. These people are really going to be an asset to the White House.

  2. And she’s thrilled her 19 year old son is going to Iraq?????

  3. Ah, so the young couple are going to get married …. how nice!!!!
    I’d bet good money the wedding won’t take place before the election….. or after it!! The cynical way the Republicans have ditched THEIR ‘cherished principles’ is breath-taking!!! If Obama’s 17-year-old daughter was pregnant there would be Republican self-righteous moral outrage on a mind-bogglingly massive scale!!! What a shower!!!!!!

  4. nicholson 6 Sep 2008, 9:11am

    The report in the Independent on this crazed hick of a feline dog is incredulous. She is a couple stops short of dwelling in some stoneage cave of rightwing savagery that cometh from the icey and remote mountains of cruicially oil rich Alaska.

    This woman knows and understands nothing about the world outside of Alsaska and even then shes for turning the state into a huge open pit mine and waving in the new oil rush – bribing all employees with a £1000 dolar bonus if she gets in. She’s also adamant that wild life should not be protected , even Internationally recognised endangered species, if doing so affects the right to exploit Alaska for energy development. She’s even made a wager that any hunter can bring her a wolf skin provided they show that they shot it themselves……and on and on….she’s a hicky crazy gun glazing pioneer of ding dong…

  5. “It takes all kinds of critters to make farmer Palin’s fritters.”

  6. “We grow good people in our small towns” is actually a quote by anti-semetic writer Westbrook Pegler. He was also quoted as saying “some white patriot of the Southern tier will spatter his spoonful of brains in pubic premises before the snow flies.” regarding Robert F. Kennedy.

  7. Thank you Faith. You got in first. Pegler was not only an anti-semite, he was a racist and a fascist. Palin may not have known this as she read was was written for her but her vicious, racist, fascist handers do. Her willingness to do as she’s told makes her VERY VERY DANGEROUS.

  8. David Gervais 23 Oct 2010, 6:00am

    Yes, there are good people in small towns. There are also uneducated wingnuts.

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