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McCain campaign threatens to sue National Enquirer over VP ‘affair’ story

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Reader comments

  1. Alvin in Boston, USA 5 Sep 2008, 5:40am

    We know he has a terrible temper. And somewhere I read that he called his wife (not sure which one) by that four letter swear word that ends in T.

    And then we have his VP nominee – a woman with less international experience then Bush, who didn’t even know that Iraq was a nation of internal religious and cultural hatreds – Sunni vs Shia vs Kurds that go back a millenia. And when Saddam was removed, the whole place collapsed into violence, costing us the lives of 5000 troops so far. And we are asked to put this woman a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    And Mrs Palin talks about religious values? She should go home and talk to her daughter and get out of politics.

  2. NE got it right with Gary Hart, John Edwards, and others. Why doubt them now?

  3. Billie Phillips 8 Sep 2008, 3:23am

    Mrs. Palin has values, and that is why so many people do not like her. She has nothing to hide. She has a lovely family, and she keeps her word. That is just too much for people to believe in because they want to believe the worst in people. What is this about costing the lives of 5000 troops? You need to read the correct sources and get your figures correct. Yes Mrs. Palin talks about religious values. I am so glad she does. I would imagine she talks to her daughters a lot, and that is something that most people who want to ridicule someone until they know facts cannot fathom. I don’t think you need to worry about Mrs. Palin at all. Why should she go home? You would vote for Hillary Clinton, who is a socialist, and someone with values like Sarah Palin you scoff at. Well too sad for you!

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