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Christian attempts private prosecution over erect Jesus statue

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Reader comments

  1. so someone based in London is upset by something happening in Newcastle, something they would never see unless they looked for it. The perversity of the attitude is frightenung, in that they would ban anything that upset them by existing.

  2. Christina Engela 24 Oct 2008, 4:19pm

    LOL – So lets get this “straight” – he disregards the warning and opens the package anyway – and then proceeds to sue the manufacturer of the package? What a stiff!:P

  3. john wilfred sharp 14 Nov 2008, 3:58am

    well he would be the only one not having an erection.
    are we going to be prosecuted each time we have an erection now .
    these bigots should tinkle their fancy more often if they have time on their hands

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