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Tatchell attacks faux-gay pop sensation Katy Perry

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Reader comments

  1. Will, Dublin 3 Sep 2008, 2:15pm

    What delightful people her parents are.

  2. One wonders if someone made a song like “You’re such a Nigga” if people would take to it so lightly, even if it was done tongue-in-cheek. This is people using a guarded insult towards homosexuals, and should be seen as nothing less.

  3. My my, as I’ve said before, it’s just a song. Gay rights activists (well, any activist) take themselves far too seriously sometimes.

  4. Wow, I feel sorry for Katy Perry. Such sad parents. I guess you can’t choose who your parents are.

  5. “I’m not saying you’re so gay, you’re so lame. I’m saying, you’re so gay, but I don’t understand it because you don’t like boys!”

    So, essentially, she can’t justify her use of the word in the song. Seriously, though, wth kind of logic is that?

  6. Bill Perdue 4 Sep 2008, 4:07am

    He’s baaaaack.

  7. should there be a boycot and lobbying of her and her records companies roster of other artists?

    It wasn’t okay for Buju Banton and the other so called Jamaican artists to promote this – it wasn’t okay for Chris Moyles to use the word “gay” in a derrogatory manner on his show

    so why should we allow this slip of a girl to do it?


  8. jaimie Peute 5 Sep 2008, 10:34am

    i kiss with boys and i like it….lalalalalala who cares!!!!!!! i hink the song is great and just pokes fun, why do gay activists(use term lightly) always have to spoil the fun, what a load of bozos, what about Amy winehouse’s song F+++ me pumps…is that degrading about shoes?
    Ur so gay is great song too!
    So shut up mr acti-fist and let the girl do her job…..sing and make people happy!
    big gay kisses all around

  9. Meh, the song made me titter. And apparently Madonna is a big fan of the song too – I’m sure that’ll make some gays brains explode trying to comprehend that one.

    At the end of the day, I think we need to get a bit of a sense of humor with regards to the usage of the word “gay”. I mean, she’s hardly calling for all homosexuals to be rounded up and shot like some dancehall artists. And as for Chris Moyles, he has the openly gay Aled on his show, who makes more references to this fact than say, Scott Mills, who often pretends he likes ladies.

    Peter Tatchell does more to make homosexuality unattractive than the blooming Evangelicals!

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