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Scots bishops call gay adoption “gravely wrong”

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Reader comments

  1. Jim Devine, “Policies must help encourage family stability.”

    ~ I couldn’t agree more.

    Jim Devine, “We highlight the importance of the human family as the building block of society.”

    ~ Again, I couldn’t agree more. I would however elaborate, “we must highlight the importance of the human family in all it’s forms as the building block of a civil society”.

    John Devine, “The homosexual lobby has been extremely effective in aligning itself with minority groups.”

    ~ Yet again I agree. Particularly as homosexuality is a minority.

    As we are in total agreement that means either he is a homosexual or I should be the next Bishop of Motherwell…

  2. Ciaran McMahon 3 Sep 2008, 12:58pm

    Not this fool again… Jim Devine is almost a contradiction in terms.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Sep 2008, 1:15pm

    That old windbag is at it again. Get a life Devine, find yourself a hot babe, you need to get laid you twit! All that pent-up sexual frustration catholic priests endure….very unnatural.

  4. It is instructive when reading articles such as this to take out the word “gay” or “homosexual” and insert instead “black” or “Jew”.

  5. Will, Dublin 3 Sep 2008, 1:40pm

    “He criticised the decision to honour Sir Ian McKellen for his work for equality, pointing out that Oscar Wilde was jailed for homosexual offences”

    Quite. So, your “eminence”, I assume by your infantile application of this logic that the earth is indeed the centre of the universe?

    Galileo was ordered to stand trial on suspicion of heresy in 1633 for his proof of heliocentrism by Pope Urban the VII, and he was found guilty. So, his proof was wrong? By your foolish analogy, it was.

    Yet history records that Galileo was a brilliant scientist, and one of the greatest minds of humanity. And the earth does indeed orbit the sun, as he proved. While Pope Urban VIII is recorded as a dogmatic fool (in 1624 this pompous ass issued a papal bull that made smoking tobacco punishable by excommunication, because he believed it led to sneezing which too closely resembled sexual ecstasy. A true sign of his enlightenment, no doubt.)

    I wonder if history will be as kind on you, bishop, when you spout this hateful rhetoric?

  6. J Mathews 3 Sep 2008, 6:32pm

    If religious nutters like bishop divine wish to influence government social policy, they know what to do, stand for election at the next parliamentary elections. Otherwise, as we live in a democracy, they should shut the f**k up.

    This man divine, in particular, is particularly evil, and his philosophy on homosexuality is no different to that of one Adolf Hitler. Most people in Scotland just laugh at him, as he seems to get more extreme as he gets older. Most people in Scotland NEVER go to any church so people like divine are an extreme minority, who like to think they can still speak on behalf of people.

    You have to have a screw loose to believe any religion – its all just man made bunkum, used through the centuries to leverage power in to the hands of shallow people who don’t have the ability to be elected.

  7. Jason21TX 4 Sep 2008, 7:33am

    It is about time that the people give this guy his due. His extremism suggests that he himself is a closeted homosexual. And hating himself for who he is, the throws out his hatred on others. Why – to do anything to deflect suspicion from himself.

    These people should make every decent, not brainwashed individual sick. This guy almost makes a case for believing in “born again Christianity”. In his case, we must ask which monster of the past was he in a previous life?

    Or we can just see him, and much of his church as entertainment. It is like going to a new version of the old US movie “one flew over the cuckoos’ nest”. (not sure of language variants, but the cuckoos’ nest referred to a hospital for the insane.)

  8. You don’t need to have a Freudian mind understand why the RC hierarchy is obsessed with homosexuality.

  9. honeygirl96744 23 Sep 2008, 9:42pm

    Devine’s reasons and opinions are antiquated and he needs to get a life. I can’t stand these religious type people that think that their way is the only way and that everyone else is a bunch of sinners that are going straight to hell. Well, bring it on buddy! On another note, J Matthews commented above that people in Scotland never go to church. I think this is great to be free from religious pressures. In my hometown, missionaries and jehova witness come to our houses on a weekly basis asking if they can “spread the word of God.” No you can’t, keep it to your self because no one here wants it. It is so irritating and we usually shut our doors and hide from them. :)

  10. henry collier 14 Oct 2008, 5:41pm

    What is ‘morally’ wrong is to allow government funding of any kind to support systematic discrimination. Let the church do its very worst in protecting the rights of the child. Give the priests and paedophiles their ‘right’ to sexually abuse those in their care. Take away the funding from the church and let them go their own way.

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