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Video: Local gays asked to be “Minnesota-nice” to visiting Republicans

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Reader comments

  1. Why would you have even teh slighest inclination to be ‘Minnesota-nice’ to a party and candidate that don’t see exclusionary policy as less than humane, less than neighbourly. Clearly if they had their way we’d all be playing happy families with 2 point whatever kids, an SUV and a ‘minnesota-nice’ hoem in the burbs. I’m sorry, but where I come from niceness isn’t a given. It’s based on mutual respect, something which McCain and company clearly weren’t tought in their formative years. This advertising compaign wreaks of an attempt to disuade protests by those who would otherwise be silent and sidelined in a Republican run US. I wonder if it would be to much to ask any african americans to paint their faces white for the visit. That would be so much more palatable.

  2. To hell with niceness! what an insulting campaign. Get out there and use your First Amendment rights, about a party that has done everything to earn the contempt and disgust of LGBT people.

    Light ONLY comes from heat.

  3. Right, so to make an effort the gays have to pretend to be straight?!

    How the hell is this ad being aloowed to run?

  4. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 2 Sep 2008, 7:50pm

    Brings to my mind,and breaks my heart to remember dark days of
    fifties, sixties, change partners,look straight, as they raided
    our dances, raining billy club blows ment to cause pain/injury
    on all queers present. OH My Creator, save us from those dark
    hate fueled narrow minded, heartless people who seek to hide behind the bible, to push their dastardly agenda forward.
    I will not be at their convention, should I be, I could only
    shout out, “Shame, shame, shame on you all.”
    May We Walk in Beauty
    Mary Flying Eagle Ray

  5. I’m queer & live downtown St. Paul, MN – I get that it’s a joke Please don’t lose your sense of humor like the Republicants have :)

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