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Gay Tory attacks Britain’s Olympic athletes for going to China

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Reader comments

  1. “While Britain’s athletes may have won more medals than usual, they must remember that they are tainted with the blood of Tibetans, Falun Gong practitioners and Roman Catholic priests”

    No they’re not. It’s the olympics. Sport, not politics or a human rights ceremony. Christ.

  2. I did feel sorry for him that he felt his lack of promotion was due to homophobia.

    Having read his little rant I do wonder whether it might be because he is a little “blessed” and best kept away from anything he might damage…

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Sep 2008, 5:55pm

    In my view (don’t want to get sued), he’s a self serving little w**ker, who happens to be gay. The little press whore will stop at nothing to get himself in the papers and will happily sh*t on anyone is so doing.

    How very sad he was named as one of the most imporatant anything, although if there was an award for being a crying bas**rd, I’d happily give him my vote.

    “Last month Mr Coleman claimed that he has been passed over for a senior post due to homophobia by fellow Tories.” Evidence surely that not all Tories are bad.

  4. J Mathews 1 Sep 2008, 7:19pm

    The Beijing Olympics ceased being only about sport, when the chinese dictatorship decided to use the opportunity to ‘enhance’ their image on the world stage. I did not watch the beijing olympics for that reason.

    When the olympics are only about sport, then I will take an interest, but the beijing olympics were a sham, and a travesty of the original olympic spirit.

  5. Coleman didn’t miss out on a job because of homophobia. He missed out because he’s a useless gobshite.

  6. Will this hypocritical Coleman buffoon ever learn when to keep his big, repellent, trap shut?

    Quite aside from the fact that politics and religion have no place in sport – if he really wants to pick on someone, pick on a politician who went to Beijing. Pick on that useless, lardy-arsed, piffle-faced, London Fuhrer of his: Boris de Nitwit Johnson. Strange that he doesn’t whine about that useless piece of flotsam flying off to Beijing and embarrassing us all.

  7. Finn, According to Coleman, Boris was forced to go to China. From the TV pictures, it certainly looked like he was dragged there against his will kicking and screaming.

    It’s coming home. It’s coming home. It’s coming. Ping Pong’s coming home…..

  8. Anon,

    Boris just looked like he was dragged through a hedge, backwards – but then Boris always looks like that.

    Boris also says that Brian Coleman is full of crap. For once (and for once only, because it isn’t something I am proud of) I actually agree with Boris.

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