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Gay man may be selected as Anglican bishop

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Reader comments

  1. Iain Baxter 1 Sep 2008, 6:48pm

    “A leading American bishop, David Anderson, has said the Archbishop of Canterbury should “not get a free pass” on the issue.”

    Your readers should be aware that David Anderson is not a real American bishop. He left the Episcopal Church of the USA in 2006 in protest over the election of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire. He was made a bishop under the homophobic juristiction of Arch-Bishop Akinola of Nigeria, a man who has discribed gay men as “dogs” and who has refused to condemn the torture and rape of lesbian and gay people.

    David Anderson only leads a small band of like-minded congegations.


    Iain Baxter, Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement

  2. Jason21TX 2 Sep 2008, 4:24am

    Scream as they may, sunlight and God are coming to smile upon gay and lesbian people. All the religious bigotse.g the right wsing anglicans, of Africa make me do, and I’m sorry, I know this sounds racist, is to ignore the terrible calamities in that continent. If the people there want the worlds support, they need to show they belong to the community of nations, not the bigotry and superstition and hatreds of the past, passed off as religion. Too bad, but they are making their own bed, and there are many competing causes, especially full equality for gay folks within the churches and our societies. Maaybe, as they see they are on the wrong side of history, the bigots will crawl back into their hole, and progress can come for their people / victims.

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