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September 2008

  • 30th September 2008

    Coronation Street: Tony suspects Liam and Carla’s affair

    Liam and Carla can't keep their hands off each other

    7:47 PM — The world's longest running love square – otherwise known as Liam, Maria, Carla and Tony – arrive back from what we can only describe as the most uncomfortable holiday experience ever. But despite Tony's disconcerting chat with Liam in the cave, Liam still can't keep his eyes or his hands off Tony's glamorous missus. You'd think these two would have learned by now, but it seems Liam and Carla just can't keep away from each other. This isn't very convenient really, considering Liam has just been made Tony's best man. Oh dear.

  • Emmerdale: Andy suffers a nasty accident as Jo flees from his abuse

    Jo and Andy's fight in the barn leaves Andy in a life-threatening condition

    7:43 PM — As the week kicks off in the dales, Jo apologises to Victoria for getting her involved in her troubles. But when Jo also tries to confide in Diane she soon gets a firm warning from Andy to stay quiet.

  • EastEnders: Tony turns nasty with Whitney 1

    Disturbed jailbird Tony shows his true colours to Whitney

    7:39 PM — After weeks of watching disturbed jailbird Tony manipulate and control underage schoolgirl Whitney, their tense relationship finally comes to a head this week. Whitney struggles to cope with his callous behaviour towards her. Will she finally realise what he's been doing is wrong and tell Bianca?

  • Hollyoaks: Will Frankie and Darren be forced to tell the police about Jack?

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    7:36 PM — Newt goes missing at the start of the week and Frankie and Darren are desperate to find him. It seems that the young lad's disappearance has been sparked by the fact that he spotted Jack the previous night. As Frankie and Darren hunt high and low they soon reach the conclusion that they might have to call the police. But are they ready to reveal the startling truth about Jack?

  • Tories urge gay people to vote for them 44

    The Tory party conference is in Birmingham

    4:06 PM — Leading members of the Conservative party have told a fringe meeting at the party's conference in Birmingham that gay people should be comfortable voting for them.

  • Sean Penn boasts to Madonna about kissing boys 11

    Mr Penn and Madonna were married in 1985 but divorced four years later

    1:06 PM — Sean Penn, who is to star in new film Milk, has shared an on-screen kiss with co-star James Franco. The actor was reportedly so excited about his first gay kiss that he sent a text message to Madonna about it.

  • Veteran actress claims coming out killed her mother 22

    In 2002, the actress was awarded an OBE for services to drama

    12:50 PM — Award-winning stage and screen actress Miriam Margolyes revealed that she believes coming out as a lesbian caused her mother’s death.

  • Top author to create gay characters 4

    Mr McCall Smith’s first <em>No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency </em>novel became a best-seller in 1998

    12:21 PM — Alexander McCall Smith, the best-selling author of The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, will introduce gay characters into his new books. The new gay characters will appear in Mr McCall Smith’s 44 Scotland Street and Sunday Philosophy Club series.

  • Gay Congressman at centre of financial crisis 2

    Barney Frank is one of two out members of the US Congress

    12:09 PM — A veteran fighter for gay rights has come under fire for his role in the current crisis in the financial markets.

  • DeGeneres speaks against Proposition 8 2

    Ms DeGeneres, who married Portia de Rossi in August, urged people to oppose Proposition 8 on her blog

    11:52 AM — American lesbian comedienne and chat show host Ellen DeGeneres has called for Californians to reject Proposition 8. The amendment to the marriage legislation would effectively ban gay marriage in California, if it passed a public vote in November.

  • Sydney celebrates first gay Jewish commitment ceremony 2

    Mr Whitmont-Stein converted to Judaism at Emanuel Synagogoue in 2002

    11:25 AM — The first Australian same-sex commitment ceremony to take place in a synagogue was held on Sunday. Christopher Whitmont-Stein, 38, and Scott Whitmont, 47, had already entered into a civil commitment ceremony in 2002, took part in traditional Jewish wedding rites.

  • 29th September 2008

    Indian court told to ignore health minister’s call for decriminalisation 1

    Anbumani Ramadoss is India's health minister

    6:39 PM — A lawyer representing the government of India has said in court that it "does not matter" that the country's health minister supports the decriminalisation of gay sex.

  • Record turnout at Asia’s largest Pride event

    2008 Taipei Gay Carnival ended with a Pride parade

    6:23 PM — The Taiwanese gay community celebrated the highlight of the 2008 Taipei Gay Carnival with a Pride parade on Saturday.

  • Greeks protest for same-sex marriage ahead of trial 2

    Prosecutors claim same-sex marriage is illegal in Greece

    3:26 PM — The case of two same-sex couples who took advantage of a loophole in Greek law and got married on the island of Tilos will be heard by a Greek court later this week.

  • EU equality summit meets in Paris

    The EU equality summit is meeting in Paris

    3:08 PM — Diplomats, gay rights advocates and representatives from the field of equal opportunities are meeting in France today to discuss how to apply the principles of non-discrimination.

  • Malawi’s gays hope new High Commissioner will help their cause

    Mr McConnell was the longest-serving First Minister of Scotland

    2:32 PM — The Malawi Gay Rights Movement (Magrim), which was launched earlier this month as a public campaign group after six years underground, has sparked a political row.

  • Morocco may give gays some rights ‘within fifty years’ 6

    Moroccan gays are hopeful of gaining rights

    1:49 PM — An international congress on gay rights in Muslim countries has been told that the north African nation of Morocco may grant rights to homosexuals "within fifty years."

  • Liverpool gay village plan frustrated by council 5

    There are plans for a gay quarter in Liverpool

    1:32 PM — Business leaders in Liverpool have criticised a proposal from the council that streets around the city's "gay quarter" be closed to traffic after 10pm.

  • George Osborne offers two year council tax freeze 4

    George Osborne was addressing the Tory party conference

    1:14 PM — The Shadow Chancellor has told Conservatives that he will not offer immediate tax cuts if elected because "the cupboard is bare."

  • Google opposes ban on gay marriage

    It is unclear if Google will contribute to the campaign

    12:48 PM — Internet company Google will publicly oppose an attempt to ban same-sex marriage in California.

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