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August 2008

  • 27th August 2008

    TV network denies censoring gay Olympic gold medallist 3

    Mitcham thanked his partner and his mother after his win

    10:37 AM — US broadcaster NBC is denying they intentionally used censorship in the network's coverage of Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham.

  • 26th August 2008

    Coronation Street: Jerry tells Teresa he still loves her

    Jerry reveals a shocking secret of his own to Teresa

    11:10 PM — There is an unexpected turn of events between Teresa and Jerry this week that proves even more shocking than her plot to poison him. At the start of the week poor Jerry is lying unconscious in hospital after Teresa almost finished him off with a cocktail of pills. However, as he starts to come round Teresa is terrified he will remember something incriminating and scarpers. Will it all come flooding back to Jerry?

  • Emmerdale: Matthew and Katie are held hostage at gunpoint

    Matthew and Katie find themselves looking down the barrel of a gun

    11:06 PM — Matthew has the shock of his life this week. A blast from his past turns up and points a gun straight at him. The situation quickly goes from very bad to absolutely terrible when Katie turns up and wanders right into the gunman's range. Terrified, Katie and Matthew both find themselves with their lives in the hands of this mystery gunman. Who is he and what does he want?

  • EastEnders: Honey leaves Billy

    Honey leaves Walford and Billy for good.

    11:03 PM — Honey and Billy were never the most believable of couples. Billy first appeared on our screens as the distant cousin of Grant and Phil Mitchell. He was also the abusive uncle of young Jamie Mitchell and wasn't exactly doting father or husband material. His transformation from cowardly bully of children to cowardly family man required a substantial suspension of belief on behalf of the audience. When he finally got hitched to Honey it seemed an unlikely coupling to say the least.

  • Hollyoaks: Kieron’s heartbroken after split with John Paul

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    10:58 PM — The day that the Osborne’s have been waiting for has finally arrived. The insurance payout is due and their debts can be cleared. But the stress of keeping all the secrets of late, and of course pretending he’s dead, gives Jack an angina attack. But how can you call an ambulance out to someone who’s […]

  • Coronation Street: Mel suspects Teresa’s evil plan

    Teresa is pleased that the doctor doesn't want to see Jerry for blood tests.

    10:54 PM — Teresa is sailing close to the wind this week as her plot to poison Jerry is almost discovered. Gail is the first person to smell trouble and calls the doctor to come and look at Jerry who looks increasingly unwell. However, Teresa's only concern is that her nasty little plan is about to be uncovered just as the old man was softening to the idea of her living with him. Charming we must say. How much longer can Teresa keep up this charade?

  • Emmerdale: Val finds herself with an unwelcome new best friend

    Is Bonnie obsessed with being Val’s new best friend?

    10:50 PM — Val's doing her best to get Pollard to forgive her. But she has to deal with a setback when her holiday chum, Bonnie, turns up.

  • EastEnders: Jase is killed in gangland attack

    Jase regrets his dodgy dealings on the Square this week.

    10:46 PM — Albert Square residents are shocked and devastated this week when loveable rogue Jase is killed by gangland thugs on the eve of his wedding to Dawn. What should have been a fun stag do with all the boys in the Vic, quickly escalates into a violent bloodbath.

  • Hollyoaks: How will John Paul tell his mum he’s engaged?

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    10:41 PM — Kieron is super keen for John Paul to tell his mum about their impending nuptials. John Paul is a lot more reticent to let Myra know. What on earth will se say?

  • Exhibition reveals official fears over gay characters in the theatre

    The Golden Generation: British Theatre 1945 to 1968 runs from tomorrow

    4:03 PM — A new exhibition will be pay tribute to the postwar period of transformation in theatre which saw writers 'coming to terms with life.'

  • Same-sex partners of police officers to get survivor benefits 4

    The partners of gay police officers will be eligible for benefits

    3:50 PM — The partners of gay and lesbian police officers who die in the line of duty will be eligible for benefits under new proposals.

  • Woman ejected from US federal building over lesbian T-shirt 18

    The security company is under contract to the Department of Homeland Security

    3:20 PM — An woman in California was threatened with arrest and forced to leave a government building because a security guard took offence at her T-shirt.

  • Gay festival’s YouTube posting attracts homophobe 14

    GFest takes place in November

    2:36 PM — Organisers of a LGBT arts festival have said they are shocked by an abusive comment about the event left on the YouTube website.

  • Pride dancer shot dead by police had taken drugs

    A police spokesman said that the officers acted appropriately

    2:23 PM — A man shot and killed by police in San Diego after he jumped from a cruise ship which was hosting a gay Pride party had taken drugs, according to an autopsy report.

  • Gay pop star’s final turn in front of adoring home crowd 1

    Michael has sold more than 100 million records worldwide

    12:57 PM — After 25 years, George Michael's live performance career is coming to an end. The Jesus to a Child superstar said goodbye in a double-whammy, two-night concert special that started on Sunday.

  • Manchester’s gays can find out their rights at free law seminar

    The seminar is totally free, but registration is required.

    12:25 PM — A special free event designed to inform gay, lesbian and bisexual people of their rights has been organised by award-winning solicitors Russell Jones & Walker.

  • Gay beauty contest website targeted by vandals 2

    The hackers left "a message of hatred"

    11:55 AM — Organisers of the Mr Gay Europe event have said they are the victims of a homophobic online attack that has disabled their website.

  • ‘N Sync star will have female partner in Dancing With The Stars 1

    Lance Bass came out in 2006

    11:27 AM — The new cast for season seven of US show Dancing With the Stars was finally announced on ABC’s Good Morning America yesterday, and gay and lesbian fans are going to have a blast.

  • Congressman attacks gays who support McCain 3

    Barney Frank is an out gay Congressman

    11:10 AM — A gay politician has claimed that gay men who are planning to vote for the Republican nominee for President of the United States "personally don’t experience much gay discrimination."

  • Catholic Church’s plan to move Cardinal’s body is “homophobia” 13

    Cardinal Newman died in 1890

    10:48 AM — Controversial gay rights activist Peter Tatchell has accused the Vatican of "shameful, dishonourable betrayal" after it decided to move the body of Britain's most famous Catholic convert.

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