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McCain picks forty-something “hockey mom” as running mate

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Reader comments

  1. MC Cain picks Iris Robinson as a running mate — or as good as. Fuck if they get in we can look forward to even more of G W Bush. What a disaster that would be?

  2. I wonder how many gay people would describe themselves as “friends” of this bigot. If she doesn’t respect and support your relationship with your partner, and understand WHY you want to marry, she has the empathy of a stump, and isn’t really the sort of person to associate with socially

  3. Then again apYrs, have you ever met a gay Republican? It’s like they’re openly gay yet in the closet all at once. . .

  4. Although I am completely in opposition to agenda that espoused here on this site I must say that your reporting is, for the most part, fair and impartial. Nice to see some “just the facts” reporting.

    Colorado Springs.

  5. Governor Palin is as a hunting& shooting woman(kill what you can)
    “Governor Palin opposes abortion rights (KILL THEM babies AFTER birth)and supports the death penalty (Kill grown-ups, not 8 weeks humen cells?) and Alaska’s ban on gay marriage (Kill the hope of equality for all people).”
    Every man and woman that thinks all peolple are equals and support gay people MUST say NO!NO!NO! to this bigot in “hockeymom” disguise!

  6. Oh, come on and give the woman a chance, people!! Don’t judge her before her actions! This woman is incredible, in my opinion!
    To rise to the heights of the second-most powerful person in the world despite a life-history of misery and torment is surely to be lauded – showing us all that a person’s past need not affect their future?
    The woman comes from a single-parent family; a mother forced into crime to provide for her child.
    A dependence on alcohol and a vast array of both illegal and prescription drugs.
    Her open attitude toward the LGBT society; even to the point of living a completely ambisexual lifestyle; str8, gay, part-time dominatrix.
    A late/ex/missing husband’s torments throughout her marriage.
    I am further inspired that there IS life in a post-Will&Grace world!!!
    (That IS a picture of Senator McCain and Karen Walker, isn’t it?)

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 30 Aug 2008, 3:16pm

    This selection will further demonstrate the incompetence of the past 8 years of fascist policies. This woman brings absolutely no credentials to the part of hate’s ticket. It will stop McCain from accusing Obama of having no experience. She is also under investigation for misuse of office. She had a state trooper fired who was involved in a custody case with her sister, among other things. If McCain thinks by selecting her to run with him thereby attracting some of Hillary’s supporters, he’s dead wrong. Hillary’s supporters are pro-choice (a woman’s right to choose if she wants an abortion). Sarah Palin is a pro-lifer. This was a huge strategic blunder for McCain and I’m glad. It will only polarize moderate conservative women within his party, a few of whom support pro-choice.

  8. dsfterr

  9. David Griff 1 Sep 2008, 3:49am

    She’s like McCain but female. McCain better hope she makes speeches better than him because his “speech voice” is just annoying. I can understand why they don’t sound like real people, being “neo-liberals” facists and everything, but why don’t they look like real people? They look sort of artificial and computer animated.

  10. She has a record of action to be judged by, it is not a pretty picture. check

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Sep 2008, 1:33pm

    She also believes that if a mother faces a life threatening situation if she does not have an abortion, then its ok for the mother to die provided the fetus can survive. How moronic can it get? But that’s republican politics for you, a party of absolutism, oppression, hate and kow-towing to evangelical christo-fascist cults. Their way or the highway!

  12. Steve Hope 5 Sep 2008, 12:44pm

    My congratulations to the Democratic Party, my Democrat-voting American friends, to the United States in general and to a world which must continue to live with the most powerful country on Earth. By adopting this woman as his running-mate, Senator McCain has gone a step further to placing the keys to the Executive Mansion in the hands of Senator Obama.

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