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Belgian married gay couple jailed in Senegal for “acts against nature”

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Reader comments

  1. yet another benighted country hag-ridden by religion!

    and they probably still want aid!!

  2. Paul Mitchell 29 Aug 2008, 3:23pm

    I will ask Kevin Rudd (my PM of my great country Australia) to ban money to that country!!

  3. No Aid to countries that do not uphold basic human rights. Viva sexual freedom Viva.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Aug 2008, 5:23pm

    The European Commission has approved about two-hundred-and-fifty million dollars in aid to Senegal over five years.

    The commission said that the new allocation is ten percent more than the previous aid plan to the West African country.

    It said the European Development Commissioner, Poul Nielson, emphasised that the aid with be subject to regular evaluations of Senegal’s needs and of the management of its economy.

    Maybe we could all have a whip round and send a few quid for equality and diversity.

  5. Terry Floyd Johnson 29 Aug 2008, 7:47pm

    Belgium and Senegal both better get ready for a new world order, which sees freedom to be yourself as its master plan. Both are going to be in for it, for their stupidity of seeing homosexuals, bisexuals as having sex illegally.

    These homophobic nations, societies and people have had the upper hand for centuries, it time for them to feel the wrath of free people, against those who think they have rights, which others can’t have.

    This type of thinking is genocidal, and the masses of Senegal need to get a new mind set or face the end of their way of life, when freedom rules the earth.

    Freedom is apart from any nation, and stands on its own, as a natural human right of every being, animal and planet.

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