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TV boss apologises for coverage of gay Olympic hero

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Reader comments

  1. “unintentional omission”

    my arse!

    They censored and haven’t got the courage to admit that they airbrushed his sexuality out to avoid trouble from their fundies

  2. Gene Touchet 28 Aug 2008, 3:07pm

    It’s always easier to apologize than to take action.

  3. And if that’s an apology, I’m a 300 pound gorilla.

  4. Mary Flying Eagle 28 Aug 2008, 10:34pm

    Wake Up NBC!!!! Are your personal views/agenda leaking into
    your coverage? Wake Up World, we are here in every segment of
    life,we are not going away. Most of us watch tv, and decide when, where and how our dollars will be spent.
    We also who advertises, and where.
    Mary Flying Eagle Ray

  5. It’s safer to annoy gay people than American Family Association, basically.

  6. What was the BBC’s coverage of him like?

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