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Queer group claims organisers tried to censor them at Manchester Pride

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  1. Jack Holroyde 28 Aug 2008, 2:28pm

    I’d like to add that the video of Jackie trying to remove our banners can be found here:

  2. David Griff 28 Aug 2008, 5:29pm

    I think it’s a bit unfair to generalise and say the tickets cost £20, mine cost £12.50 for the weekend, all it requires is to buy them early, however I agree there should be some sort of bursary for the young, because everybody should be able to make it.

  3. Pete & Michael 28 Aug 2008, 6:13pm

    It’s not only the young that cannot afford £20, Gay Pensioners, Unemployed and Low Paid also must feel the ‘Pinch’, and it is wrong for the Organisers to stop people saying so. We do not go to any ‘Pride’ functions because it is PROFIT not ‘Pride’ anymore, as most of the Pubs at Manchester Pride wished a donation as entrance fee too, plus the £40 admission for both of us which only one of us pays, the price for a week-end can certainly mount up. Both of us donate funds to HIV groups locally and we feel that this is more worthwhile.

  4. Manchester Pride happens every year – like Christmas! £12.50 is for a whole weekend is not that much. Save £1 a month and you’re only 50p short!! Stop moaning! Manchester is the best for Pride. The organisers did a splendid job making everyone feel welcome. There is a strong community feel and the its all about celebrating your sexuality! The whole spectrum of LGBT were there enjoying themselves in Manchester. Great weekend!!

  5. I would accept that the Queer Youth Network had a point were it not for the fact that the student element of this town piss tens or thousands of pounds up the wall each night of the weekend.

    Maybe if they just spend maybe one night in once in a while, possibly studying or revising perhaps – a bit off the wall I know, they could afford to splash out on a twelve pound ticket.

  6. Laetitia, you are pandering to a false stereotype and also assuming that all young people are “students” which simply isn’t true. Students were represented specifically by the NUS at the parade and as far as I know they are not connected to the QYN and represent two distinct communities.

  7. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Aug 2008, 6:42am

    Surely if they aren’t students most of them should be working, in which case they could afford a one off payment of £12 surely?

    As the influx of migrants from Eastern Europe (who don’t have luxury of being able to languish on benefit til the right job comes along) have shown, there are plenty of jobs about.

    I accept that these people might prefer a free festival but if they went to a music concert or the theatre they’d have to pay, as they would if they went to club.

    A day full of entertainment was being offered for £20 or £12 discounted. Its about time they grew up and started to learn the value of money.

  8. The c*nt of Monte Crisco! 29 Aug 2008, 8:02am

    Brighton Pride is still free, you just get asked to make a donation at the gate, which you don’t have to, but I always do. Let’s hope that one stays free, because if they start charging for that too, I won’t be able to afford it on top of the travel AND camping for the weekend! Also, everytime I’ve done Manchester Pride I’ve only ever paid £10 for an advance whole weekend ticket, so where has this £20 come from? Is that the “on the day” charge?

  9. theotherone 29 Aug 2008, 2:24pm

    £20 plus drinks (higher because it’s a ‘special’ event, plus ‘donations’ to get in anywhere – someone’s making money out of OU ‘Pride’

  10. theotherone 29 Aug 2008, 2:31pm

    “It seems to be very one-sided and rarely do we see trans, BME (black and multi-ethnic) or young people there,” he added.

    —I’ve stopped atending ‘Pride’ events in Scotland bcause I’ve been sdpat at, atacke and threatend by other people at the events.

    ‘Pride’ not allowing the Poor in? Hardly a suprise: ‘Pride’ lost it’s meaning a long time ago, round about 1974 when GenderTrash where forcably ejected from the venue for fear they may cause offence.

  11. As a gay youth I was not welcome at my local pride. The organisers wanted to suck up to the local police and I made a complaint about homophobic police abuse. I’m not the only one who did not go because of the anti-gay police where I live.

  12. Yeah, one of the things I was thinking to myself as I went around the village was, where are all the young people?

  13. elizabethveldon 1 Sep 2008, 4:44pm

    ‘Yeah, one of the things I was thinking to myself as I went around the village was, where are all the young people?’

    —Quarantined – they’re dirty and filthy and don’t spend enough

  14. I stopped going to pride a few years back when it became a greedforall and by all i men corporates.

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