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TV network denies censoring gay Olympic gold medallist

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  1. What would be interesting to know is: does NBC take any more interest in non-US medal-winners? Consider how homeland-centric many US channels are (e.g. the news items hardly ever feature stories outside the US. When I see stuff like FOX especially, I have the impression that the world ended at Nova Scotia). If that be the case, combined with the fact that gay people are more likely to root for other gay people irrespective of nationality, there is going to be a collision of interests.

    They certainly haven’t censored his sexuality in his bio on the NBC website….

  2. Interesting story. Does anyone know if our own BBC remarked on Matthew’s sexuality or showed his partner Lachlan Fletcher??

  3. As far as I recall from watching the competition, the commentator (Leon Taylor) didn’t mention it. Mind you, I can’t recall him discussing any diver’s personal life (unless it was to say they’d given up a lot and worked hard to get to the Olympics). The BBC commentary was all about the diving during the competition and then thoroughly congratulatory when Mitcham won – not least because he won with a dive that Taylor had invented. Again, as far as I recall, the only diver who got any back story filled in was Tom Daley, but possibly that was because a 14-year-old boy competing in the Olympics was considered more noteworthy under BBC guidelines than a gay man.

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