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THT launches low cost counselling service for gay men

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Reader comments

  1. Hang on? Isnt The Tesco Higgins Trust supposed to be a registered charity for heaven’s sake? Isn’t it in receipt of £13 million a year in public and private funding? What on earth is it doing charging for counselling, for heaven’s sake? This is a continuation of the unveiled greed of this organisation, which has also recently introduced home testing kits at a price and been awarded the extremely lucrative Pan London HIV prevention contract for the next three years among a host of other money grubbing gimmicks. Why is Pink News obligingly and complictly reprinting verbatim the self serving press releases being churned out by the THT without question and not reporting instead on the real scandal unfolding before our eyes; namely, that as THT is getting richer and richer, the community whose sexual health it is funded to protect is getting sicker and sicker. THAT is the real story and of genuine concern to your readers.

  2. Spot on Eric. Are other groups affected being charged? Is it only gay men that are being tapped for money? Some of us remember raising the money on which THT is based. That was entirely down to the gay community. Having “de-gayed” their organisation they have adopted the usual hetty stance of ripping off the gay man!

  3. Sally Sharpe 29 Aug 2008, 4:51pm

    THT used to have funding to provide gay men’s counselling in London but that funding has now been transferred to another organisation. Under normal circumstances, the service would have been closed and all clients would be referred to the new service being provided elsewhere.

    However, our counselling was popular and well used and many of our clients said they’d be happy to pay towards the service rather than lose it altogether. As there was a demand, and we didn’t want to lose our excellent counselling staff, we are launching this low-cost counselling service for gay men in London. THT is not making money from this, the money we get from clients goes towards covering some of the costs of providing the service and THT subsidises the rest from charitable resources.

    We use the money we raise to provide a wide range of services across England, Wales and Scotland, including a huge amount of work focused on HIV prevention and HIV support for gay men.

  4. which other organisation is that then?

  5. Euan Roberts 2 Sep 2008, 6:09pm

    Sally Sharpe fails to explain what is happening to the hundreds of thousands of pounds THT raises from the clubbing community on December 1st each year, not to mention the celebrity auctions, gala dinners, etc? Are these funds just going straight into the staff’s pockets and the gilt-edged pension plans of the executive committee, and the seemingly never-ending series of office refurbishments?
    The truth MUST be told, but how can we believe anything we are told from THT’s PR department, which is now over run by spin doctors who make Alister Campbell look seem like a novice in the dark arts? Whatever is steering the heart of this organisation, the facts clearly show that it is not acting for the greater good of our community, but for its own ends.
    The way that THT is greedily snapping up local HIV service providers and stripping their services to the bone and depriving HIV-positive people the care and attention they need is testimony to this, not to mention the heartless way in which THT closed down its legal services department two years ago citing lack of resources, even though it was staffed partly by volunteers from the legal professions who were more than willing to dispense much needed advice to AIDS sufferers facing all manner of legal problems. Two examples to name buu a few…
    THT’s callous disregard for those it claims to serve is becoming more and more transparent by the day, and the more that people realise this and demand accountability, the more likely it is to revert to the charitable organisation it was set up to be, giving of its services and not putting a price on anything and everything it dispenses. And don’t even get me started on their endless failures where HIV prevention is concerned!

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