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Gay hate church loses appeal against restrictions on funeral protests

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  1. It’s time to start thinning the herd here people and I think that Phelps and his ilk need to be the first in line! I have never in my life met anyone as selfish and callous and I’ve never met the fool! Is this kind of foolishness ever going to end? When is compassion and respect for the lives of other people going to become a priority as God states over and over again in the Bible? I think the first step in ridding this country of these brainless people is to sue them off the face of the earth. Every family of a dead soldier should stand up for their family’s by filing multimillion dollar lawsuits against them, and if any house of worship offers these fools even a hall to gather in they should be next in having their resources taken away one by one. Then when they realize that this message of hate and murder is coming from the mouth of the devil himself they might wake up and see how idiotic they have been. Murder, hatred and disrespect of other people is clearly laid out in the Bible as being sins, and should be retributive as such. An eye for an eye. . .