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NBC censored gay Olympic champion Matthew Mitcham

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Reader comments

  1. peter robertson 26 Aug 2008, 1:41am

    An anonymous donation IN HONOR OF MATTHEW MITCHAM has been made to the Bulldog Pride Scholarship Fund at Fresno State. ~ Give today. For tomorrow and beyond. ~

  2. Derek Maryland 26 Aug 2008, 2:20am

    My daughter and I watched this amazing performance without knowing that Matt is gay. But after each dive we took in his reaction and, since I am a gay man, my daughter said to me, he’s a member of your tribe. And after he won and we watched the video, uncensored (no thanks to NBC) on the web, she said, “Dad, he’s adorable”. Can anyone top that?

    Shame on NBC. No wonder young people find network television increasingly irrelevant to their lives.

  3. “Matthew Mitcham (centre) with mother Vivienne and partner Vivienne”

    So that’s how it is in their family. No wonder they censored it.

  4. I watched this too and thought that the cameras deliberately censored out his partner — mother is large as life (great)– but partner makes only a walk-on experience. — No doubt that they were worried that the film would not sell ($$$$$) well to the bigotted TV stations of which there are many.

  5. For God’s sake, Pink News, you are constantly making typographical mistakes in your various news items but when we are celebrating the success of a gay Olympic hero going and calling Matthew’s partner “Vivienne” instead of Lachlan shows nothing short of SLOPPINESS at the keyboard. For God’s sake correct it! His partner’s name is Lachlan.

    “Matthew Mitcham (centre) with mother Vivienne and partner Vivienne”

  6. It’s not just American TV that has a problem with sexual orientation.

  7. Watch it all here – all the dives, all his reactions and the medal ceremony, including the climb up the railings to give his boyf and mum a kiss!

    He wasn’t joking when he said the blubbered. Apart from diving to an Olympic standard he can show his emotions to an Olympic standard too!

    Oh, and what a hottie!

  8. Daivd Griff 26 Aug 2008, 6:26pm

    Rather pathetic of them really.

  9. Thank goodness for Utube! NBC showed its’ true colors by not showing the total scene with Matt, his mother and his partner. I got tired seeing Phelps mother and hearing about his lovelife.

  10. Mary Flying Eagle 26 Aug 2008, 9:39pm

    Shame, Shame, NBC.What do we have to do? Kick your buttes in the
    pocketbook.You NBC, are a disgrace to sports openness and fairness,so needed in this year of 2008. This young man gave his all,pure effort and beauty of dedication,brought home the Gold.
    OF Course his mother,his life partner had a right to be shown,
    celebrating this honor of gold.They too are one with his path,
    offering caring, loving, encourgement.In Spirit, make no mistake, the stood as One, holding the Gold.
    Shame, SHAME on you NBC, AND YOUR NARROW, narrow minds.
    I overdosed on your Over coverage of the swimmer,who never met a camera he didn’t love,love, love. Sometimes even edgeing his team mates out to ensure, He got what he thought to be his Big Money shot. I am sure I am not the only viewer to see this ego. Perhaps I am checking out other tv channels, perhaps time for
    change,I would always be wondering about your agenda behind
    presention/content of coverage. Not Trust worthy is how I now
    think of NBC. In the smoke of my sage, I send prayers of hope,
    caring acceptance, compassion and love. May we be given strength/courage, My Sisters and Brothers, may we always hold dear, our love is our heart, to be lived with honor.
    May You Walk in Beauty
    Mary Flying Eagle

  11. I live in the USA, and I’m not surprised that NBC would censor Matt Mitcham. The US TV media is the worst. NBC doesn’t even broadcast Olympic live. If you think NBC is bad, FOX is the worst of all.

  12. David Waylen 29 Aug 2008, 2:00am

    What a bloody disgrace.
    Matthew is not only an Olympian, but a Gold Medal wining Olympian at that.
    He is a great role model and a fantastic ambassador for Australia, Australian Sport and the Gay Community.

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