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Gay festival’s YouTube posting attracts homophobe

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Reader comments

  1. I can’t believe anyone would be shocked by an abusive comment on YouTube. I mean, come on. A YouTube video without abusive comments is like a Julia Roberts movie without a horsey laugh.

  2. I agree with Chris. And as a note, there is only one post and it’s from some 14 year old chub in Alabama! Hardly newsworthy.

  3. While it’s deplorable, this really in the “a man was seen crossing a road at a red light” category of news items. This (relatively mild) outburst is an everyday event on Youtube. It’s a magnet for bigots, bullies and religious fanatics. We are indeed talking about some little dweeb from Alabama of all places, who’s probably been fed a diet of Fred Phelps and Jimmy Swaggart ministries as gospel rtuth all his life…..

  4. Sometimes I get an abusive comment, but I completely ignore it…it’s only *one* comment.

  5. I think these stories are more sinister than that – it’s bad enough that we seem to be moving in a direction of totalitarian liberalism and that’s bad enough, what’s worse is we’ve become so ‘mock-shocked’ at the obvious – there are people that don’t like gays, get over it and get on with it. How about we use humour to beat them. I’m thinking ‘Fat Fundamentalist Hick Hates Homos’. Then we can have a ‘Bear Defecates in The Woods’ Headline next!

  6. quote: agree with Chris. And as a note, there is only one post and it’s from some 14 year old chub in Alabama!

    maybe so , but what happens if when this 14 year old is older???

  7. shane wilson 27 Aug 2008, 9:52am

    I think it is actually an over-reaction to a snub. Sure, react, we MUST, but the mere fact of us being gay means we will get hated and denigrated by some. As a congenital minority we should be used to this by now, and should be prepared and ready to refute in a way that has long-term impact and meaning. Hell, some of the biggest bigots I have ever met have been gay. Sokrates comes in handy when dealing with bigots … he was a master at it. As an aside, his discourse on love ….. mmmm, mmmmm, mmmm, guys, read it, if you haven’t yet done so. It is on Wikipaedia.

  8. Its shocking to see how complacent we have become. So should we just accept and tolerate this and not question or challenge? – and its not 1 comment any longer-

  9. …and have we forgotten that it was ‘only’ a 14yr old who shot dead 15yr old ‘gay’ youth Stephen Lawrence in the class room?

    As someone who runs a gay themed youtube channel I have to delete hate/death threats nearly every day. Tracing them back to their originators prior to removing the comment & blocking them can be quite concerning.

    I have found some ‘serious’ anti-gay neo-nazi groups…and their interconnections worldwide are most concerning!

    The gay hatred is alive & well, and still out there!

  10. …and have we forgotten that it was ‘just?’ a 14yr old who shot dead 15yr old gay youth Stephen Lawrence…in the class room!?

    As someone who runs a gay themed video channel with over 600,000 views, I have to dissaprove hate/death threat comments on vidoes regularily, almost daily basis.

    When tracing the comment back to the originator, prior to blocking has resulted in discovering some pretty nasty inter connected gay-haters. Well connected internationally Neo-nazi groups & the right wing christians & other anti-gay religions.

    The gay hatred is ‘alive & well’

  11. hello. I went out for the first time in a while I have a disability and a few queens we openly laughing at me there are good and bad people in all sections of society and they will always be around. We have to Sort out our own backyard cause to be honest it aint that great

  12. Oh for Gods sake. Is this the most newsworthy thing this rag can put up? A whole page about some petty name-calling?
    When I was a kid we used to say “Sticks and stones…”

    Its about time people started to get a little more thick skinned and got a life.

  13. This is not news. To even report it makes us look lilly livered.

  14. Queer News 27 Feb 2009, 5:25am

    Well no offense but anyone who’s ever posted anything “gay” on YouTube will report having the same experience so that would have made more of a interesting story rather than turning it into a promotional tool for an event sponsored by the news agency reporting it.

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