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Gay beauty contest website targeted by vandals

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Reader comments

  1. An intriging story – until i realised that the word ‘Europe’ has such a different significance today than it did previously.
    Pre 1980s Europe was defined by political radicalism and usually meant a hand full of recently re modernised countries. Post 1980s Europe means something totally and utterly different. A vast swathe of land encluding many countries coming from many different degrees of political and cultural development and outlook. Europe now has rural cultures that have remained unchanged for 100s of years, extreme political cultures, with extreme right predominating, undeveloped infrustructures and massive unemployment but also super-growth economies which impose change at a disorientatingly fast pace.
    The idea of a single one and only ‘Mr Gay’ out of all the massess who now make up the European gay population seems a little crazy! However it’s important that this tradition is established and i hope those running it can take the knocks and bounce back. In fact i would say it is important that it is established now that it has sybolically been placed as a potential vicotry against the rising tide of targeted hatred.

  2. Simon Murphy 26 Aug 2008, 3:09pm

    Sad that this event has been attacked. But let’s put it into perspective. Mr Gay Europe is a ridiculous beauty pageant. Like its female equivalent it is not an event that should be celebrated. While I disagree with the motives of the homophobes I also think that in light of the body and age facism within certain parts of the gay community that now would be the perfect time to cancel this event for good.

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