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No hope for Hillary Clinton – Obama picks Joe Biden as running mate

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Aug 2008, 8:47pm

    A super choice for “Veep”! Biden is pro-choice and a progressive as well as a friend and defender of the LGBT community. Not bad for a Catholic politician! Obama picked a winner!

  2. And yet Biden actively supports the disastrous drug war and the degradation of -everyones- rights by voting for the Patriot Act. Twice. While he was bashing it. Yea – sorry – I don’t feel the same warm cozy feeling as you do.

  3. EXCELLENT choice!

    Biden won’t take ANY crap from the Rovian Republican slime machine.

    We have the perfect “good cop/bad cop” ticket now.

    I look forward to kicking McCain’s ass in November.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 Aug 2008, 2:19pm

    Zeke, I’m sure there will be plenty of dirt to throw at McCain before November and with Biden on board, we can count on that. What galls me though are that some of Clinton’s supporters are voting for McCain as a protest, what idiots and I suspect racists. Maybe they belong in the party of hate anyway! Good riddance to white trash!

  5. Biden’s biggest flaw is he talks too much – ie he cant control his mouth & this has got him into trouble on several occasions- he also throws his weight behind something without necc shifting his postition if the mood or context of that issue changes. He tried to run for president but his ambition caused a little twisting of the facts of his own personal & essentially unremarkable background and this put an end to his chances of winning the nominations.
    The biggest worry for this man is that the press already have a history of picking up and exposing his verbal gaffs out of all proportion and they’re likely to play into that when attacking an Obama presidency. There are some issues amoung the more democratically radical about the way he backs & personally intervenes to enable certain industy’s demands, seen as devisive and restricitive & which are at odds with Obama’s own speeches where he talks of radical creativity in the changes to come.
    He is not a radical democratic, but more a sensible small ‘c’ conservative democrat with a long standing career in Washington.

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