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Veterans claim council support for Doncaster gay pride unfair

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Reader comments

  1. Really, this council needs a good kick in the ass… their response to the veterans Parade is just totally unacceptable!

    Veterans did now, and serving personnel do not, declare war! That [all too often, sadly] is the sole prerogative of politicians.

    We may disagree with the politicians, but that is vastly different from disagreeing with serving personnel or veterans, who, in my humble opinion, deserve nothing less than our respect. They signed up for a wide variety of reasons, but they carry out the duties assigned by their [and our] political masters.

    To deny veterans their day is, quite simply, disgraceful!!!!

  2. Sorry .. typo …. should read “Veterans did NOT ….”

  3. Both the Council and Police say that they did not receive an official request to hold the parade. And, besides, anyone who says “I’m not homophobic but…” probably is.

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