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Ugandan AIDS Commission Chief says homosexuality must be stamped out in schools

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Reader comments

  1. “Dr Kihumuro Apuuli, the Ugandan AIDS Commission Chief, has warned the education ministry of that country that homosexuality is “rife” in schools.”
    What causes the spread of AIDS in Africa is not homosexuality, but the catholic policy of opposing proper safe sex education in schools- i.e. condom distribution instead of the unrealistic “natural contraception”, described by some as being akin to the “hold it in” school of potty training. How many more have to die before Dr Kihmuro Apuuli and his cronies take that on board.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Aug 2008, 1:37pm

    Flapjack, the RC church and other cults would be in lockstep with this moron, make no mistake about that!

  3. so: his line is “give us your money but stuff your values”

  4. Let this ‘asshole’ spout his homophobic rubbish …. but let us all stop aid to this country and make it clear we are doing so because of such attitudes!!!!
    Money talks …. let’s use it responsibly!!!

  5. Terry Floyd Johnson 22 Aug 2008, 10:23pm

    The good doctor seems to have forgotten what you spout needs to be returned many times fold.

    This man is a genocidist and as such needs to be removed from his post and put in prison where he belongs, and all those hating homophobes in Uganda and around the world…your time is about up, you are no longer wanted in the human race, and so you shall achieve what you espouse, your hatred of homosexuality, and wanting to stamp it out, the favor will be returned, in a way you do it to yourself.

  6. john wilfred sharp 23 Aug 2008, 5:16am

    discriminating against 10% of your population is not strong social values!remember we are all a minority . it seems only Idiots are the majority .

  7. Omar Kuddus Gayasylum 24 Aug 2008, 8:13pm

    According to the British Home Office country specific guidelines, the Uganda’s Constitution provides for an independent judiciary, and the Government generally respected this provision in practice during 2005, however, the President has extensive legal powers of judicial appointment. The President can appoint Supreme Court, High Court, and Court of Appeal judges with the approval of Parliament. The President also nominates, for the approval of Parliament, members of the Judicial Service Commission, who make recommendations on appointments to the High Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court.
    The government’s human rights record remained poor during 2005 and although there were some improvements in a few areas, serious problems remained including restrictions on opposition party activity, unlawful killings by security forces, disappearances, use of torture and abuse of suspects by the security forces’, vigilante justice, official impunity, arbitrary arrest, incommunicado and lengthy pre-trial detention.
    There is no specific mention or litigation on Uganda in regards to dealing with Homosexuality in Uganda.
    However it is obvious for all to see that the narrow minded beliefs, fueled by religion, oppress LGBT’s and the Aids epidemic is blamed on the gay community rather than the true source, unprotected heterosexual sex, in Uganda.
    Lisa Power statement;” One of the main focus of the conference was the problem in places where there is stigma attached to gay and bisexual men and HIV positive people and “Basically, until you stop persecuting these people, you can’t prevent the spread of HIV.” Sums up the problem in Africa, for ignorance and homophobia take president over the actual situation.
    Until the word recognizes that Sexuality is as much a part and Fundamental right as any other this injustice and discrimination will prevail.

  8. That’s great that Ugandan young people are openly practising gay sex so much – however homosexuality is usually only rife amoung young people in single sex establishments or in the nightmares of rightwing scare-moungerers.
    ‘Black’ Africa has yet to reveal the true extent of her continent wide sexual traditions and histories where it comes to same sex love.

    We certainly know that the Magrheb , the area between the Sahara desert and the mediterranean sea in North Africa is steeped in tollerant attitudes to male same sex love that has perhaps been the most progressive and oldest in the world, with gay marrage practised in it’s oasis settlements for hundreds of years, ironically ending with the resergence of national identities during the 20thC.

    It is so important that people continue to challenge the conservative and divisive forces that dominate the power systems of Africa. Alas it is true that many of these attitudes are taught and instilled by 150 years of Chrisitian missionary dogma which of course favors prejudice when it comes to gay people and sex generally.

    Africa needs education and the exchange and expansion of ideas – Christian hypocracy is not one i would recommend.

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