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Brian Coleman accuses fellow Conservative councillors of homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Aug 2008, 1:36pm

    “…but a senior Tory councillor said:

    “Brian was very upset because he thought he was going to get the job and he does have a habit of firing from all cylinders.

    “But, if there is any homophobia in the [Conservative] party, I am unaware of it.”

    Please, on which planet does this senior Tory councillor inhabit? There is homophobia in every party, everywhere.

  2. Does it not occur to Brian Coleman that so many people (gays and Tories alike) would object to his appointment on the grounds that he himself is one of those bigoted old farts that he complains about.

    Thank goodness someone had the common-sense to see the light and pass the snivelling hypocrite over.

  3. Simon Murphy 22 Aug 2008, 3:55pm

    He’s a Tory but is surprised he’s being discriminated against. Does he not realise that it’s only to be expected if you’re a member of the Tories?

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Aug 2008, 5:09pm

    Simon, as I’ve said before, there is homophobia, bigotry and hypocrisy in every party, some more than others, but they all are guilty of it.

  5. What, there’s still homophobia in the tory party? Gosh, who would have thought it. Not the bleeding hearts tory apologists on here anyway.

  6. There are many people who despise Brian Coleman for many reasons. Homophobia is not one of them.

    Anyway this means the LGA fire services management committee expenses account won’t soar due to the need to pay for taxies all the time.

  7. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Aug 2008, 10:40am

    …Mr Coleman told The Times: “I have this on very good authority. There were many stories about Ted Heath. I did not know him well myself, but have been told this by people who did.

    “It was certainly not a secret that he was an old queen. I have been told that he was warned about his behaviour and then stopped.”

    The Times April 25, 2007

    And he needed to tell this story about a recently dead colleague who could no longer answer back because ….?

    Isn’t this just another excuse to get his name in the papers? Very much of the Brian Paddock school of PR to continually aggressively put forward the notion of being a victim.

    Possibly someone has realised that such passive aggressive behaviour is masking his inability to express anger in a healthy way and that the post might be best filled by someone who doesn’t need to resort to such covert means to deal with situations he is unhappy with. If he does this sort of thing all the time, he must be a complete nightmare to work with.

  8. So is this Mr Duggin married then?
    Photo please!

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