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Lawrence King’s school records obtained for accused teen’s defence case

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Reader comments

  1. defence step 1: blame the victim

    defence step 2: smear the victim

    defence step 3: blame the school, the parents, and anyone else remotely connected with the case

    defence step 4: claim the perpetrator was in fear of his virginity or something

  2. The boy who shot the gay student dead needs to be punished, but trying him as an adult is wrong IMO – he’s looking at 51 years in jail? His life is effectively over if that’s to be his sentence. He’s the product of a homophobic, hate filled family and wider society that has no tolerance for diverity and also the shockingly easy access to guns that is endemic in the USA. Sadly, there will be more crimes like this but the prosecutors are making a political example of this boy. That’s wrong IMO.

  3. 51 years. I wonder what chance of peace, recovery, education, redemption that will bring any of us? It’s a terribly sad and judgemental world we live in. Whoever makes this decision has a great burden on their shoulders.

  4. Another tragic case in which the family didn’t accept the son as transgender. Now blaming the school for letting him wear make up and being himself.
    They are pretty much accepting that it is somehow OK for others to be outraged by a boy wearing make-up. Please.
    Repressing the boy’s natural feminine tendencies was going to cause a lot of psychological damage. The family of the murdered boy is no better than the rest of society that makes this crimes understandable in some evil way. Sick

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