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Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz unimpressed by lesbian kiss

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Reader comments

  1. The c*nt of Monte Crisco! 21 Aug 2008, 2:08pm

    I’d be a bit put off by men eating salami sandwiches watching me too! Still at least the salami was being eaten and not slapped! *I hope* Although I’d kiss Scarlett no matter where or when or who was watching! :-D

  2. Vanesa Dee 22 Aug 2008, 4:45pm

    I’m SOO glad this film is getting good reviews and ALOT of fans! It’s exciting to see someone smartly addressing alternative relationships, and for it to resonate with the thinking public. Fans of “Vicky” will love the similar, but much more dangerous, romance written about by a Harvard Grad and real Romanian dancers “Caribbean Dreams: TRUE STORY of an Ivy League Couple who Bought a STRIP CLUB in the Caribbean”

  3. I would like inform you that Scarlett Johansson (actress)actually is a clone from original person,who has nothing with acting career.Clone was created illegally by using stolen biomaterial. Original person is very nice(not d**n sexy),most important-CHRISTIAN young lady!I’ll tell you more,those clones(it’s not only one)made in GERMANY-world leader manufacturer of humans clones,it is in Ludwigshafen am Rhein,N. Bavaria, Mr. Helmut Kohl home town.You can’t even imaging the scale of the cloning activity.But warning! H. Kohl clone staff 100% controlling their clones spreading around the world,they are very accurate with that, some of them are still NAZI type disciplined and mind controlled clones,be careful get close with clones you will be controlled too.Original family did not authorize any activity with stolen biological materials,no matter what form it was created,it all needs back to original family control to Cedars-Sinai MedicalCenter in LA.Original Scarlett is not engage,by the way!

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