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Native Americans accept gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. The original people of this land have long considered those of 2 spirits special, touched by God with the ability to be a mediator between the sexes. I think it is great that this tribal nation has gone back to its hirstorical roots and accepts all of Gods creators as equal and therefore deservant of equal treatment and rights.

  2. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 22 Aug 2008, 4:23am

    And where are the Sioux?

  3. My heart is so overwhelmed with hope for all people, I only wish the rest of the people catch up. But you know not everyone thinks we are all connected. The sun comes up on every land and also goes down.When I go to sleep at night I pray someday all will be equal.
    That dream is only a step, But it doesn’t have to be a dream. I have to say in my community of repressed people, they are only concerned with the media. I say this because I work in a world of male straight. It really gets me that they are still trying to be in the 1900 period, so sad for them. I heart you, Just Donna

  4. i applaud them for what they did if all of america should follow thier example go back to teh simpler days when the goverment did not have such a stragle hold on teh morality of america

  5. I, being a native american person, am glad to know that people were able to live in the sort of harmony that the indiginous peoples of the americas have. I am able to draw hope from better times. Also, i wish that the usa was less biggoted, and more progressive like our europian counterparts.

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