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EXCLUSIVE: MEP plans campaign to have UK civil partnerships recognised in Europe

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 21 Aug 2008, 8:30pm

    An easier way to resolve all of this inequality is to open full marriage to all gay people in the EU. Marriage is the gold standard around the globe, CPs NEVER will be. All this nonsense about who and who does not recognise CPs is absurd and unnecessary. Marriage is the uniform standard, the word alone resolves all of these issues caused by different types of gay legal unions. What an absolute mish mash! The EU needs one standard for all member states, not a series of some with more and some with less rights via non-marital unions. So f—-d up!

  2. well, I said on this site ages ago that they weren’t the same, though others have held that CPs were the equivalent of marriage, but I didn’t think that it would end with someone losing their home.

    I’ve written to Milliband asking for a response. I can only suggest that others do the same:

  3. Yet again, we find only the Lib Dems standing up for LGBT liberation and equality. It’s like a stuck record…

  4. Is it intentional discrimination, or bureaucratic inefficiency? Have the French government given an explanation?

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Aug 2008, 1:44pm

    apYRs, exactly! If it were equivalent to marriage, then they would be referred to as marriages. The fact of that matter is, they are nothing more than legal unions that are not uniform around the world and never will be. I would have thought that the antimarriage supporters who post here would be offended having their partnerships compared to marriage anyway. If Civil Partnerships were uniform across the EU, then perhaps that would resolve most of the issues, but that is NEVER going to happen. Even it were to happen, they would still face hurdles with other western nations where marriage is available to their GLB citizens. Civil partnerships have absolutely NOTHING to do with marriage, therein lies the problem. Marriage is understood everywhere, in every country. CP’s? Not going to happen! That’s why 6 countries now offer marriage and a seventh now pending, its growing and will one day surpass CPs, PACS and other pseudo-marriage style unions whether the antimarriage bashers like it or not.

  6. I am a dual national (British and French) and intend to have a PACS rather than a civil partnership with my boyfriend because at least in France they acknowledge it is less than marriage. Its disgraceful that British politicians (with a few exceptions) don’t seem to think same-sex couples deserve full marriage equality.

  7. I completely agree with Brian. Why should France and other countries honour a law created in the UK which is not uniform throughout the rest of the world.

    I’ve NEVER thought of this Civil Partnership idea as appropriate and find it discusting that Stonewall would support an act which enshrines in law inequality. I don’t want special treatment – I want equal treatment. To me this seems like the days when blacks in America could not drink from the same water fountain as whites. The equivalent to us is we’re given a hose to quench our thirst and told this is equality.

    Perhaps Ms Bowles should look into the EU over-riding Civil Parterships, Unions, PACS and other second class arrangements and force countries to recognise them as Civil Marriages.

    What a load of hassle…

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Aug 2008, 5:15pm

    John, PJW, absolutely spot on! Its absurd creating a separate class of people with similar rights to the rest of society. Its a regressive move. Granting people the same rights under one institution. However, in addition to opening marriage to us, I do think those who want to opt for a partnership should be permitted to do so. I for one wouldn’t, but we should have choice. Straight couples should also be given the right to opt out of marriage for a partnerhip too. That would be full equality for all. The UK is not that progressive on that point and if it were, we’d be the equality leader of the world, let alone the envy of the entire GLB community around the globe. We missed the chance to do that by settling for something less than equal.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Aug 2008, 5:16pm

    Ooops, “granting people the same rights under one institution would be the appropriate step to take”, I meant to have said.

  10. Got the jist of what you are saying Robert – or Brian as I called you earlier :-)

  11. some of you may be interested in these articles from France about this issue.–_FFF87D7C-7847-4E6C-A0B1-556E56E43DF9/html-print

    I’m not too sure that the Dutch gay marriage was simply recognised in Francejust because they called it a marriage, it may be becuase they have already campaigned for their rights in France and the U.K are just now catching up with them. After all for many EU countires the principle of any form of same sex partnership is pretty horrifying for them.

  12. Peter Jacques 27 Aug 2008, 9:46am

    I and my Civil Partner are wanting to move to France but this whole issue has made it impossible for the moment. We are self sufficient financially and so would present no burden to the French state. In fact they would have the benefit of our pink euros.
    I agree that we want and demand equality across the whole EU but this issue between France and the UK over PACS/CP should be easily resolveable.
    We have been partners for 39 years and jumped at the chance to be recognised under the CP. Now we think we should have waited and just gone to France and taken a PACS. We dont want to dissolve our partnership – in fact we cant (no grounds), so we are in a catch22. Please someone sort it out!

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