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Double gay suicide in Cornwall shocks local residents

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  1. Come on stonewall where are you. Rural gay people exsist. It seem if your gay and live in Brighton, london or manchester your covered. The rest of the counrty seems to not count. As a rural living gay person who has experienced harrassment. I know how these guys felt. And I have considered taking my own life.

  2. Cornwall has a reputation for some of the worst institutional homophobia in the British Isles…in particular carried out by the VILE homophobic Cornwall police! (Don’t take any notice of them flying a rag this weekend at an event which gay people have already had it made clear…they are not welcome at!!!)

    This video by a Cornish gay youth demonstrates exactly how Cornwall’s authorities deeply entrenched homophobic attitude towards young gay people:-

  3. I always suspected that Cornwall was somewhat backward in its acceptance of LGBT people, my brother lives nearby and finds that they tend to lean towards reactionary politics but this is shocking. That the police don’t appear to care and Mr Cudd’s own mother can write off suicide by hanging as “an accident”. What kind of accident involves having a noose around your neck and dangling from the ceiling?
    It’s high time Cornwall came kicking and screaming into the 21st century, especially if that youtube clip is anything to go by. The police and social services should hang their heads in shame.

  4. Unfortunately, ALL Cornwall police DO is violate abuse & attack the gay lifestyles of gay persons. Chief Constable Steven Otter turns a complete BLIND EYE to a catalogue of abuse & victimistion complaints against his DEEPLY homophobic police force.

    (Mind you so has the IPCC & Cornwall police Authority)

    FOR CHRISTS SAKE! Local long standing LGBT equality campaigners (gay men, gay women & gay youth) have had it made perfectly clear…THEY ARE NOT WELCOME at a psuedo ‘pride’? event in Cornwall.

    …and this is how Cornwall has treated Gay HIV sufferers in the past:-

    For HOMOPHOBES & GAY HATERS in Cornwall, UK, one need look NO further than any Cornish police station or homophobe HQ Truro County Hall.

  5. Fully appreciate the sentiments of the comments so far , 2 young guys have passed unnecessarily , my heat bleeds at such unnecessary losses and the families that have had the sudden shock

  6. Isolation for young gay people feels at its most extreme in Cornwall with national groups, such as Stonewall, being utterly remote and absent. When I was growing up in Cornwall, the nearest support was in Bristol. When the isolation nearly drove me to suicide the Gay Switchboard quite literally saved my life.

    Those poor guys. I think the Intercom trust needs its profile raising to reach those growing up alone.

  7. The Exeter based, Intercom Trust completely and utterly turned their backs on Peter Midwood, the former 15yr old homeless gay youth who was living rough on the streets of Helston, Cornwall.

    Good Grief, it has even been made quite clear that local LGBT equality campaigners are NOT welcome at the local Cornwall ‘diversity’ pride….but the organisers are welcoming, cap in hand, members of the local Cornwall police force, which has been abusing & violating the lives of gay people in Cornwall for decades…NOW THAT is twisted!

  8. This entry from the pink paper wiki gives an interesting picture of Cornwall’s authorities attitudes towards for gay people over two decades

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Aug 2008, 11:02am

    That’s certainly a real shame Matt, but what I find most upsetting about this is that we on this site like a number of others have been bombarded by an individual, with a litany of accusations about the police, the local authority and the entire establishment in general creating the impression that anyone in dire need of help and support would get cold comfort from any of these channels.

    I have said it before and I will say it again that it does not serve the local community well for one disgruntled resident to fabricate this artificial world in Devon and Cornwall where the normal policies and procedures in relation to the health and welfare of gay people do not exist. Of course I understand that there will be regional variations in delivery standards, and in actual fact there does appear to be in Devon & Cornwall, in that the constabulary at Stonewall Diversity champion and the local authority has won awards for its diversity work.

    However, every single community site dealing with matters pertaining to Devon & Cornwall has been plastered with allegations against the authorities in the area. For those that look no further than these sites the impression created, using a series of aliases, is that the area is a hotbed of homophobia with nowhere and no one for a gay person in trouble to turn to.

    Just because one person has had a bad experience many, many years ago, for reasons we really can only guess at (and in my view that person is clearly prone to unreasonable behaviour, which may or may not have factored into the service received), it does not mean that every person in need of help and support would not receive it, and in fact the awards that have been given to the local authorities would seem to suggest that in all likelihood they would receive it.

    I hope that individual has not contributed to the deaths of these two people by playing on and increasing their sense of isolation, but he appears to me to be so eaten up with hatred, that I imagine the thought has never even entered his head.

  10. So two young gay men die tragically in a very small local gay population, a gay youth is repeatedly abused by the authorities, other local gay men are abused repeatedly by the authorities…but anyone who dare complain about it is attacked by SMC…which means many others keep quite out of fear of reprisal like those of SMC.

  11. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Aug 2008, 12:02pm

    In my opinion you’re got blood on your hands, Anon. Who is to say these two young kids would have felt so desperately isolated and lonely if you hadn’t plastered every community site, using I don’t know how many different names, telling them that they would get no help and support fro authorities and that those with any sort of duty of care, didn’t care because they were gay?

    Maybe if they had felt that the support services available to them would be able to support them then they wouldn’t have taken the tragic action they did. You have worked tirelessly over many years to tell your ‘story’ and infer that no one else will get help and support either.

    Don’t you feel even the slightest tinge of guilt that either one or both of these kids may have actually read some of the crap you keep writing (on,,,, to name but a very few) and actually believed it.

    How many of them would have read the costly IPCC report that came out of a lengthy and extremely expense investigation into your frivolous complaints about eight officers from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary:

    I quote:

    Executive summary of the independent investigation into complaints of homophobia against officers from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

    Malcolm Lidbury complained against eight officers of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary to the Independent Police Complaints Commission in 2005. The complaints outlined separate instances of interaction between the complainant and each of the officers. Mr Lidbury alleged that he was treated poorly on these occasions solely because he is homosexual and that the incidents are examples of the inherently homophobic attitude of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.
    These allegations were deemed serious enough to warrant an independent investigation. The investigation was broad in scope and the terms of reference provided for the investigation to examine:

    • the interaction between the complainant and the officers specified – leading to the complaints of poor treatment

    • whether the actions of the officers were motivated by homophobia

    • the wider action and interaction of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary with the gay community to identify any areas that will either support or negate the allegation that the force is inherently homophobic.

    Complaints of poor treatment

    All eight officers were investigated under the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2004. No criminal offences were considered.

    The complaints are numerous and total 16 separate allegations over a time period of approximately 11 months from November 2004 – October 2005. Due to the number, complexity and sensitivity of the complaints this Executive Summary will not explore them in detail. Each allegation was investigated to determine whether the officers’ actions fell below the standard expected of them. Each allegation was then considered again to establish whether there was any evidence that the officers’ actions were homophobic.

    During the IPCC investigation, each officer was served a written notice informing them that they were under investigation and the details of the allegations. Six officers responded to the allegations by submitting a detailed written response outlining their account of their actions and reasons for them. Two officers submitted a written response but were also formally interviewed by IPCC investigators. One declined to give answers.

    Substantial documentary evidence, including crime files, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary policies and procedures, correspondence and other pertinent records and notes were obtained and examined by IPCC investigators. Witness statements from independent witnesses were also obtained.


    None of the 16 complaints of poor treatment made against the eight officers were found to be substantiated. However a total of nine recommendations arose from the investigation. These recommendations can be summarised into the following categories:

    • recommendations concerning the efficient finalisation of cases, including completing all paperwork, informing parties of the conclusion of an investigation and returning all seized property quickly

    • a recommendation concerning the importance of accurate recording of information on incident logs

    • a recommendation concerning the correct procedure to be followed when serving a summons.

    Complaints of inherent homophobia

    Mr Lidbury has stated that his complaints against individual officers are examples of the homophobic attitudes of Devon and Cornwall police officers.

    The investigation considered each officer’s actions separately and applied the formula set out in the case of King v Great Britain – China Centre [1991] IRLR 513. This authority concerns race discrimination but can be applied to test other forms of discrimination, including on the grounds of sexuality.

    The case provides a formula (3xD+E) which can be used by investigators in determining whether it is reasonable to draw inferences from the evidence. The formula is as follows:

    • Difference in treatment

    • Difference in race (sexuality)

    • Detriment to complainant

    • No Explanation for these differences is available.

    It should also be borne in mind that very little discrimination will be overt or deliberate and an investigating officer must look at the evidence surrounding a case – Anya v University of Oxford and another [2001] EXCA Civ, 405.


    Every officer stated, either in interview or in written response, that their actions were not motivated by homophobia. The careful consideration of each officers’ actions and reasons behind those actions when assessed using the King formula do not reveal any evidence of homophobia.

    Some officers were able to provide a legitimate policing reason for having initiated contact with the complainant. Others were contacted by the complainant. The officers’ actions were thoroughly assessed and not found to be contrary to any Devon and Cornwall policies, or any legislation and to be reasonable in the context of each complaint. The totality of the evidence demonstrates that at all times the complainant was dealt with appropriately. The treatment received by the complainant was no different than that which would have been received by anybody in the same circumstances. The complainant was not treated differently because of his sexuality. The complaint of homophobia against each officer was therefore unsubstantiated.

    Further Investigation

    The terms of reference for the investigation also provided for the examination of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary action and interaction with the gay community, in order to either support or negate the allegation that Devon and Cornwall Constabulary is homophobic.

    The complainant provided the IPCC with the names of 33 witnesses when he made his original complaints. Attempts to contact every witness were made, either by telephone, in writing, or in person.

    When contact was made, each witness was asked the same three questions:

    • have you any personal experience of treatment from the police which you feel was homophobic?

    • have you witnessed any other person receiving treatment from the police which you or they felt was homophobic?

    • have you heard about, but not witnessed, any treatment from the police falling into the same category?

    The witnesses were informed that their account would not be investigated as part of this investigation.

    Contact was established with 19 of the 33 witnesses. Most did not have anything to report, however some did relate their experiences.

    In an attempt to reach as many people as possible, the IPCC held a public ‘surgery’ to enable anyone who felt they had an account which would contribute to the investigation to come forward and give it to IPCC investigators.

    One witness stated that he had not reported domestic violence he had experienced at the hands of an ex-partner because he perceived that the police did not take gay domestic violence seriously. He also expressed dissatisfaction with police action following a complaint he made to them about threatening phone calls made to him. However, he stated that he did not believe the police’s reaction was due to homophobia.

    Another witness stated that he had witnessed two officers using abusive language towards a male in a small town in Cornwall.

    The male in question was traced but was unable to corroborate the account of the witness. He stated that the police had not dealt very well with a burglary at his place of work recently, but he described this as being typical of a general lack of interest displayed by police in Cornwall.

    A fourth witness stated that he had reported violent threats and intimidation directed towards him by another male as a result of jealousy concerning the male’s partner. The witness stated he reported it to the police and commended the PC who dealt with him but overall was disappointed with the response, stating that he could not say it was definitely due to homophobia but that perhaps it was thought of as “just a gay domestic.” He also stated that lots of gay people do not report homophobic incidents to the police because of a lack of confidence in the police.

    Another witness stated that he went to a police station with the intention of making a complaint about homophobic threats made against him. He wanted to talk to the diversity officer but this was refused and he stated that he was told that unless actual violence occurred, nothing could be done. At the time of investigation there was one diversity officer for all of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

    The IPCC investigator met with the (then) force diversity inspector at Middlemoor headquarters to discuss the force’s diversity strategy and how the force engages with the gay community in Devon and Cornwall.

    The diversity inspector stated that the force is aware of under reporting of homophobic incidents or crimes. He stated that in the past the force has dealt poorly with the gay community. A current initiative at basic command unit (BCU) level involves diversity officers holding ‘surgeries’ in [some] gay clubs and pubs, which has been reported as successful.

    In Plymouth, there is a Gay Liaison Officer who works closely with the gay community, focussing on issues such as domestic violence.

    However, in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly BCU, the Diversity Unit is understaffed, with just a diversity manager plus one additional member of staff. This has led the Unit to be reactive rather than proactive. Staffing is however currently subject to review. Since completion of the report staffing levels have been resolved and there is now one sergeant and the diversity officers in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly BCU.

    At a strategic level, the Lesbian and Gay Bi-sexual and Transgender Police Liaison Group meets every 6-8 weeks. It is the force’s longest-running and best-attended Police Liaison Group (PLG). The group is made up of various community representatives but the diversity inspector stated that the PLG was not without limitation as it lacks representation from young people in Cornwall, who are an isolated group.

    PLG members have also been consulted during critical incidents, including two homophobic motivated murders. In terms of increasing the force’s profile and engaging with the gay community, the diversity inspector gave examples of articles and items included in the Pink Paper and Fyne Times and representation at Gay Pride events.

    As a result of the two murders mentioned above, the diversity inspector commissioned a problem profile report. This is an analysis of crimes with a homophobic motive in the force area and looks at related issues such as under reporting and intelligence. The report makes 22 recommendations, all of which have been agreed either at strategic or BCU level.

    As part of its annual policing plan for 2006/07, the force has a five-year Diversity Strategy which aims to develop an anti-discriminatory, human rights-led policing culture which recognises, respects and values diversity. This is to be achieved by bringing about organisational change. The main emphasis of this is on community engagement and working with LGBT community. The force is one of the 23 nationwide who fund the True Vision scheme, the aim of which is to increase reporting of hate crime.

    The diversity inspector stated that the force can learn lessons about engagement with the LGBT community in the same way as it has done about engagement with minority ethnic communities. Reporting of racist crime in Devon and Cornwall is significantly higher that that of homophobic crimes and detection rates of racist crimes are good compared to similar sized forces.

    At this stage of the IPCC investigation a policy decision was made not to investigate further the generalised homophobia allegation. In the absence of any evidence of any other alleged homophobic incidents experienced by a number of independent witnesses, it was felt that it would be neither appropriate nor proportionate to investigate further.

    Final Conclusions and Observations

    A total of 16 complaints against eight officers have been thoroughly and independently investigated. None of the complaints are substantiated, however a total of nine recommendations have been made, relating to individual officers and to the force as a whole.

    No evidence of homophobic motivation behind any police action has been uncovered.

    Further investigation uncovered no evidence of homophobic treatment experienced by any witnesses and additional enquiries were deemed neither proportionate nor within the remit of the investigation.

    It is noticeable however that the allegations of homophobia have been met with confusion by some officers. The Devon and Cornwall Constabulary LGBT policy states that an incident need only be perceived to be motivated by homophobia to be investigated as such. Mr Lidbury had clearly stated that he believed that the officers’ actions were so motivated. However, there appeared to be a lack of understanding of this concept on the part of some officers, who initially showed reluctance to answer the allegation of homophobia, believing that they did not have to do so if there was no supporting evidence. The Constabulary may wish to consider further diversity training to address this.

    This investigation is the second independent investigation arising from complaints of homophobic behaviour made against Devon and Cornwall police officers by the complainant. The previous investigation also uncovered no evidence of homophobia among individual officers.

    Improvements in communication and an increase in trust between Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and minority groups can only be made by greater interaction and consultation, involving reasoned debate and wider participation. This must necessarily be a two-way process, requiring input from all interested parties.

    Ian Bynoe (IPCC Commissioner) Anna Kitchen (Investigator)

    I think you should think long and hard about the consequences of your behaviour, not only the effect if can have on your impressionable minds in particular, but also the effect it may have on good relations between the police and the gay community at large in Devon and Cornwall. Mercifully you are not representative of the community and I pray to God that the authorities do not consider that you are.

  12. These are further complaints the IPCC choose NOT to investigate:-

    1. Failure of ‘Duty of Care’ to a homeless 15yr old teenage gay youth (UNIVESTIGATED)
    2. Attempted blackmail of a teenage gay youth (UNINVESTIGATED)
    3. Abuse of a gay teenager in a strip search & botched ‘Stop & Search’ (UNIVESTIGATED)
    4. Seizing of a computer & destruction of a gay businesses (UNIVESTIGATED)
    5. Failure to follow ‘TRUE VISION’ & CPS definition of ‘Homophobic Incident’ following serious physical assault of two gay/bi persons (UNIVESTIGATED)
    6. Refusal to take statements from Gay/Bi witnesses (UNIVESTIGATED)
    7. Withholding Court legal documentation (Investigated, but pitifully excused by the IPCC)
    8. Perjury by a police officer in Crown Court (UNINVESTIGATED)
    9. Denying a gay person arrested and held in Custody food for in excess of 7hours (investigated, but pitifully excused by the IPCC)
    10. Obstruction by police to making a complaint against the police (investigated, but pitifully excused by the IPCC)
    11. Un-logged visits by police officers to further intimidate complaintents against the police (UNIVESTIGATED)
    12. Refusal of a police Sgt. to take a witness statement from an adult gay eyewitness (a founding member of Cornwall’s lesbian women’s publication OUTBACK was witness to this police refusal)

    …and there is more.

    The Criminal Policy Research dept. of Kings College University on behalf of the National Government Audit Office cantacted me unsolicited and has recently taken witness statment regarding investigation by the National Audit Office into the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

    The lengths to which ‘some’ within the local Cornwall police force have gone to bully and intimidate (assisted by people like you) with relentless pesicution of gay complaintents is quite staggering.

    I use only two names, my own & Pink Pasty or I may make anonymous postings.

    I’m sure there are some here who think it is YOU SMC should consider your responsibilty in bullying just about every gay person who dare make complaint about their EXPERIENCE of institutional injustice & prejudice as you do on here, you’ve had ago at Omar who campaigned for gay asylum, you’ve had a go at Craig Denney, former editor of Queerwest & lgbt equality campaigner.

    No doubt you will also start to have a go at the grieving mother of one of the young gay men tragically who have died in Cornwall, because she dares expresses doubt as to the police findings.

    I know my contribution to gay equality & HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment over the 20 years I have been a campaigner and I know how damn prejudicial & homophobic the authorities in this part of the British Isles have been.

  13. Well we can ALL read the real & considerable genuine contribution Malcolm Lidbury (Pink Pasty) has made to the advancement of gay equality in Britain. Even with the failed complaint against police he did force them to appoint three new diversity officers for Cornwall. An achievement in its self.

    Thank God for people like him and I am gay person who does live in Cornwall. I know what it is like and have personally experienced some of the antigay abuse from police.

    WTF have you ever done SMC apart from attack gay people on here?

  14. Dear Sister Mary Clarence

    Have you ever had dealings with the police yourself. Relating to an on going problem. You quote liberally from a report that uses the word independent cheaply. Independent ha. They clan together like lost sheep on a hillside. I have experince homophobia from two police forces and heard there excuses. And no I do not live in Cornwall , and I am not talking about that area. I come from some where else and I am talking about TWO other polices forces.

  15. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Aug 2008, 9:53pm

    Mmmm …. Peter, I think we established that ‘Peter’ was another ‘Malcolm’ alias about 6 months ago.

    And great why not fritter away tens of thousands of pounds more on make believe complaints about a police force and local authority that in reality does seem to be doing its best to serve the gay community.

    Why not convince a few more frightened and isolated kids that no one is interested in helping or supporting them. Then when they top themselves you can add them to your list of gay martyrs and blame it on the establishment.

    Have you got no shame for Christ’s sake.

  16. FACT. My name is Peter Nathan James Midwood.
    FACT. I am 19years old (today! It is actually my birthday TODAY! 24th August)
    FACT. I am the Peter in this video on my own youtube video channel
    FACT. I have been abused by police in Cornwal.
    FACT. Mrs Lidbury, malcolms mum, is my landlady

    You SMC are just a viscious twisted nasty & unpleasent old gay who attacks just about every gay person on here. It is people like you SMC who bully gay people into keeping quiet about police abuse.

    Your just plan nasty, plan evil to people

  17. I am peter in this video, i have been abused by cornwall police. it is actually my 19th birthday today, 24th august. This is my own video from my youtube video channel.

    SMC you seem to be the one who is sick and twisted in the way you try to bully ever gay person on here who speaks out, your plan evil

  18. My name is Peter Nathan James Midwood. I am 19yrs old, Today! This is my video about my experience of abuse from Cornwall police on my own video channel.

    SMC you are evil and a bully.

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 25 Aug 2008, 11:52am

    “What does your local Chief Constable say about ‘Gay Pride’ and ‘gay rights’?

    We list below replies from the police to a letter from the National Director of Christian Voice dated 08/07/2003 to all the Chief Constables of England and Wales. The letter complained about policemen and women marching in full uniform in the London Gay Pride March 26/07/2003 and urged Chief Constables to stop actively recruiting homosexuals”


    “Stop hate Crime: A hate crime is motivated by prejudice against someone’s sex, racial heritage, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Incidents can involve violence, threats, property damage, verbal abuse, offensive messages or other harassment.” (Website)

    “I do not believe a meeting with officers in the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary to discuss a nationally agreed move would be fruitful.” (22 September 2003)

    Nigel Arnold Deptuty Chief Constable for Maria Wallis, Chief Constable, Devon & Cornwall Constabulary

    Well, Malcolm (and all your aliases/‘friends’), appears the Chief Constable seems to have set his stall fairly and squarely against the religious homophobes too.

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 25 Aug 2008, 11:53am

    Well if you won’t take it from me, take it from some of your Cornish neighbours:

    Mon 26/05/08 23:36

    “Oh for heavens sake – don’t be so ridiculous – the police are fine in Devon & Cornwall – indeed probably some of the most accepting in the UK. Methinks a recent court case reinforces my argument!” (in response to comments posted by an individual I suspect previously part of this discussion)

  21. Sister Mary Clarence 25 Aug 2008, 12:32pm

    These votes all taken on three seperate meetings prior to the arrest & detention of one of the steering group,and the arrest was several days ‘prior’ to the beach picnic Pinkpasty (21.08.2008, 18:36)

    What were you arrested for?

    (we all know it was you who was arrested, so you might as well tell us what you were arrested for) ilovehelston. (21.08.2008, 18:58)

    The arrest on the false allegation was for what is classed as a serious arrestable offence.

    There were NO charges, NO prosecution & NO conviction!

    But people like you like to do try to make something of it!

    However, Cornwall police did ‘choose’ to ignore plenty of evidence both ‘physical & material’, and several eyewitnesses to the fact that the false accuser was blatantly lying and should have been prosecuted. Pinkpasty (22.08.2008, 08:19)

    Malcolm Lidbury complained against eight officers of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary to the Independent Police Complaints Commission in 2005.

    The complaints are numerous and total 16 separate allegations over a time period of approximately 11 months from November 2004 – October 2005.

    None of the 16 complaints of poor treatment made against the eight officers were found to be substantiated.

    A total of 16 complaints against eight officers have been thoroughly and independently investigated. None of the complaints are substantiated, …..

    No evidence of homophobic motivation behind any police action has been uncovered.
    Further investigation uncovered no evidence of homophobic treatment experienced by any witnesses and additional enquiries were deemed neither proportionate nor within the remit of the investigation.

    Ian Bynoe (IPCC Commissioner)

    I suspect that those eight INNOCENT officers, who it would appear you BLATENTLY lied about and FALSELY accused, would similarly like to see you prosecuted, in the same way you would like to see the person that accused you of wrong-doing charged.

    I’d like to see you prosecuted too. Perhaps then you’ll stop poisoning people’s mind’s about the police, the authorities and any third sector support group that dares to disagree with you. Thus enabling those vulnerable and in need to turn to these people for support when support is desperately needed, instead of reading the shite that you have been writing for years and believing that some, if not all of it, is actually true.

    I sincerely hope that you will reflect on the dangers of your actions and realise that whilst you may have had a bad experience some years ago it does not give you the right to engineer an environment where everyone else lives in fear of those charged with helping, supporting and protecting those in our community.

  22. These are some of the FACTS the IPCC DID establish:

    1. a Cornwall police officer lied about a (non-existent) signature in a pocket book.
    2. Police failed to provide (withheld)legal court documentation
    3. Police failed to return a computer after it had been cleared by police forensics (police kept it for weeks in a lock up garage or similar)
    4. Police did make un-logged (not recorded by police) visits to our home (these were most intimidating to my elderly mother)
    5. kept a gay person on a computer as a suspect AFTER the case had been NFA’d (no further action)
    6. failed to provide food for over 7 hours whilst a suspect was in custody
    7. failed to inform a gay suspect weeks after a case had been finalised that there was no further action
    8. there was no means to follow recieved mail into Exeter Middlemore police HQ within the internal system of the police headquarters, therfore no quality control on delivery of service

    The above WERE established by the IPCC!

    The IPCC also admit they did NOT interview 14 witnesses

    Then there are the following complaints made which have NEVER been investigated:-

    These are further complaints the IPCC choose NOT to investigate:-

    These complaints remain buried and un-investigated, but are interconnected and relate to previous victims of police abuse.

    1. Failure of ‘Duty of Care’ to a homeless 15yr old teenage gay youth (UNIVESTIGATED)
    2. Attempted blackmail of a teenage gay youth (UNINVESTIGATED)
    3. Abuse of a gay teenager in a strip search & botched ‘Stop & Search’ (UNIVESTIGATED)
    4. Seizing of a computer leading to destruction of a gay businesses (UNIVESTIGATED)
    5. Failure to follow ‘TRUE VISION’ & CPS definition of ‘Homophobic Incident’ following serious physical assault of two gay/bi persons (UNIVESTIGATED)
    6. Refusal to take statements from Gay/Bi witnesses (UNIVESTIGATED)
    7. Perjury by a police officer in Crown Court (UNINVESTIGATED)
    8. Further un-logged visits by police officers to further intimidate complaintents against the police (UNIVESTIGATED)
    9. Refusal of a police Sgt. to take a witness statement from an adult gay eyewitness (a founding member of Cornwall’s lesbian women’s publication OUTBACK was witness to this police refusal)
    10. Only an ‘out’ gay person was arrested out of a group of people equaly taking part in lawful activty (No charges were made)

    …and there are more police abuse incidents which remain completely uninvestigated.

    The abuse Peter Midwood (a Cornish gay youth) experienced from Cornwall police, despite a complaint having been made, HAS NEVER BEEN investigated.

    The complaints regarding the IPCC investigation DO NOT refer to Peter Midwoods complaints or the arrest last year 2007 (that was just a continuation of the police vendetta begun in 2004).

    A catalogue of complaints, (as well as Peter Midwoods) made last year have NEVER been investigated (including the pre-pride arrest).

    However, three new diversity officers for Cornwall were hurridly appointed as a direct result of the complaints and numerous recomendations made by the IPCC of needed improvement in Cornwall police public service due to the initial complaints.

    Those IPCC recommendations made on just a tiny fraction of all the complaints the bulk of which remain un-investigated.

    nor have the interconnected nature of the Cornwall police abuses carried out been investigated

    ….and THAT remains a problem.

  23. Sister Mary Clarence 25 Aug 2008, 1:47pm

    But none of these are recognised as being an issue for other members of the local community. The only ones that seem to recognise it are the ones that have read the copious comments you have posted everywhere.

    Having read extensively the comments on quite a number of sites now, you appear to bully anyone that disagrees with you as you present incomplete or slanted information.

    It doesn’t help that you assume other identities to add weight to your arguments either. These alter egos may well exist as people in their own right by it doesn’t add to your credibility by posting using their names.

    Perhaps this is why you are being ostracized by so many groups and individuals locally now. It is clear that whatever good you have done for the gay community in the past, it has ceased and you are now fixed on a very destructive path. You may perceive that you are the ongoing victim of persecution by the police, but the very fact that you have not been prosecuted suggest in actual fact that you are not. Why they have not labelled you a vexatious complainant yet, I do not know – or perhaps they have and this is adding to your frustration.

    You are helping no one with your current actions. Instead of pointing vulnerably young people away from people that can help them, you should be pointing them towards them. I would say that your actions are fruitless, but they are far worse than that, they are damaging and they are dangerous.

  24. If…if we could get all the complaints investigated in conection, it would mean something.

    Like someone else, I was not wearing a bulky coat nor did I jump a ticket barrier, (Police lies & disinformation told about Charles De Menezies), but LIES told by police are given credibility by some idiots.

    I did not instigate the Government National Audit Office investigating the IPCC through the Criminal Policy Research Unit.
    I was not responsible for over 100 lawyers withdrawing their services from the IPCC due to their concerns about IPCC bias & favouritiscim towards police (Guardian newspaper Feb 2008)
    I was not responsible for a Home Office report in 2005 which said Homophobia was endemic within the British police forces.

    On internet postings I use Pink Pasty, (frequently linked back to my own name), my own name or Anon (Anon on here due to specifically your viscious ignorance SMC towards those gay people with negative & detrimental experiences of abusive authorities).
    I use no other name.

    Peter really is young Peter, he posts in his own right and you SMC simply have added to the abuse he has suffered as a young gay person from the Cornwall authorities.

    Well done SMC! You really are viscious!

    I hope you very proud SMC of your perpetuation of abuse this lad has already suffered from his parents & other members of his family, a school that did not care, social services who did not want to know, police who compounded and further abused him and continue to do so through their dishonesty, the Intercom Trust who turned their back on him, Stonewall, who just sent a list of solicitors to a 15yr old homeless kid (most of whom wanted an exorbitant fee of £100’s+ per hour), Albert Kennedy Trust, who do a stirling job for homeless gay youth, (but can only do so in London & Manchester), Cornwall youth services, who did not want to know, Navy Family Welfare, who did not want to know, Cornwall SHARE, who did not want to know!

    ALL of these organisations were contacted, but simply DID NOT CARE about a homeless gay youth, a child living on the streets. They have been desperately trying to cover up THEIR COCK UP ever since.

    The system failed abysmally, through neglect, sloath & failure of over paid & in many cases prejudicial persons to take any responsiblity for ‘duty of care’ regarding a young gay person. This coupled with homophobic attitudes, practises & asumptions by police, then followed by intimidation of witnesses, disregarding evidence and BLATANTANT failure to carry out their duty as police officers…still on going!

    Well my mother did help the lad & she took him in. Other members of the public helped, but have been vilified & persicuted relentlessly for doing so in order to protect & cover the reputations of ‘so-called’ professional people who, just like you SMC, compound the vile experience this young person has had of abusive & homophobic authorities in Cornwall, UK.

    …abuse he and I (and others) have continued to experience from some of the worst police and most vile in the British Isles.

    …it really was Peter’s 19th birthday yesterday and he was/is livid with you SMC.

  25. smc is a troll , just igonre it. your playing into its hands.

  26. Sister Mary Clarence 25 Aug 2008, 5:54pm

    Ah, I see, so you if consider me being suspicious of posting under the name ‘Peter’ as abusive of Peter the here lies the problem. You don’t actually know what abuse is.

    I consider it more abusive that you actually use this guy’s name to post comments to back up your own.

    I obviously don’t know anything about the abuse this guy suffered. The only accounts of it I have seen have come from you under a variety of names and I really have to question (in the same way as numerous others that you have tried to shout down) the authenticity of anything you claim

    Again and again you trot out the same unsubstantiated nonsense (police who compounded and further abused him – complaint NOT upheld) – and it really doesn’t count if you substantiate your own comments by logging in under a different name

    I am genuinely sorry if anyone has been abused either physically or mentally by anyone and if the real Peter has been then the only advice I can give is that he gives you a wide birth and maybe then people will be happier to provide help and support.

    The common denominator in everything that seems to go wrong in Cornwall is you mate.

    It p**ses me of hugely that people think that they can come on here and get support for a pack of lies based solely on the fact that they are gay and we will support our own come what may.

  27. Lautitia: In what way do you think Anon (Malcolm) has not told the truth?
    I read the original unsummarised IPCC reports, I read the witness statements police refused to be heard and I am a witness to some events. My own complaints were never investigated.

    I happen too know that Malcs/Anon is telling the truth.

  28. Samantha Jolly 5 Sep 2008, 12:04am

    Is there not maybe somewhere more apprpriate for you to have this debate. I was a friend of both Dan and his boyfriend(who i would like to add was not Mr Irons) and gthink many of these comments have been very insensitive towards the situation especially as his close friends and family may also be reading this.It is very sad that both Dan and Mr Irons lost their lives but i am doubting it has anything to do with homaphobia with the police as to the best of my knowledge Dan had never been in trouble with the police and was very well respected within his community. R.I.P Daniel

  29. Saturday, 20 December 2008
    Another Gay Male Suicide in Cornwall (Cornwall Police to blame?)

    funeral service yesterday of the latest gay suicide victim in Cornwall this year.

    That makes FOUR gay male suicides in Cornwall this year to my personal knowledge.

    I suspect there will be and are probably more gay male suicides in Cornwall. I suspect there will also be Cornwall police involvement somewhere with any further gay suicides which may come to light.

    The funeral service yesterday …thank goodness not aware of the presence of any of the loathsome homophobic Cornwall constabulary, who, more than several of us are firmly of the belief (and/or knowledge) that Cornwall police were a contributary factor to this latest gay man tragically taking his own life.

    Due to Cornwall police homophobic attitudes, practises & prejudice towards gay people Cornwall police are to my absolute knowledge, responsible directly for having pushed other gay men in Cornwall to the very brink of suicide.

    Cornwall police are soft on crimes committed AGAINST gay people, often not bothering to investigate or actually finalise cases. The truth is Cornwall police empathise strongly with those who commit & are responsible for crimes against gay persons.

    Remember only 1 in every 10 crimes against a gay person gets reported.

    Remember only 1% of reported crimes results in a prosecution.

    Therefore ONLY 1 in every 1,000 crimes against gay persons results in a prosecution…that’s the law enforcement & legal system attitude to homophobic Hate Crime.

    Authority ‘blind eye’ and ignore, numerous incidents which have been reported to to them in writing…then we simply will continue to have a corrupt & homophobic police force in Cornwall.

    So I beleive we should expect more dead gay people in Cornwall.

    We should also expect the Cornwall police to have a sinister hand in it somewhere!

    Thats the experience & observation of multiple incidents & situations of the homophobic attitude & practises of numerous Cornwall police officers towards & against gay persons.

    I do not see 2009 getting any better

    Cornwall Police = Are the problem of homophobic ‘Hate Crime’ & no contributary part of the soloution!

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