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EXCLUSIVE: Barking and Dagenham residents plan protest at councillor’s lesbian insult

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Reader comments

  1. Why are Labour still sheltering this vile homophobe? Why hasn’t he been drummed out of the party? No wonder more of us are turning to the Tories, Labour is complacent and thinks it can rely on our block vote. NO LONGER!

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 22 Aug 2008, 12:27pm

    “Dee McIlroy, who stood as an Independent candidate at the bi-election, was present at the count and heard Mr Smith’s insult.

    Ms McIlroy told that she was greatly angered by the comment.”

    Yeah right Matt, the Tory’s put the Green candidate up to being ‘greatly angered’. Last time I checked there wasn’t actually a huge amount of love lost between the Greens and the Conservatives.

    Maybe the whole thing is just a conspiracy again a poor misunderstood Labour councillor, who showed nothing but the utmost respect for his political opponents and f**king loves lesbians.

    …. shit, did anyone else see that? A bloody great pig just flew over my office!!

  3. Is this man to be the new leader of the Local Council. God help us all. Perhaps Labour want to loose the local/general/euro elections. They certainly dont seem to be capable of chosing the right men for the job. Ignorant, childish behaviour, schoolboy toilet remarks. Whatever next!!

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