Reader comments · Lithuanian mayors claim EU anti-discrimination trucks are “propaganda of homosexuality” · PinkNews

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Lithuanian mayors claim EU anti-discrimination trucks are “propaganda of homosexuality”

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Reader comments

  1. If people/nations want the benefits of belonging to the European Union, the European funding for development projects, etc., then they had better realise that membership is a ‘package deal’, it’s all or nothing …. the choice is theirs; but, frankly, I don’t see why my taxes should subsidise people who think they can cherry-pick the bits of EU membership they like and discount the rest.

  2. john wilfred sharp 21 Aug 2008, 4:38am

    if they want the EU they need to accept all their citizens .
    in all countries here is 10 % gay , we are born gay there is no need for us to be taught anything . just see that we have always existed and will all ways be , whether you like it or not

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