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Gay man accused of kidnapping children fights back

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Reader comments

  1. If he asked, and received, the parents permission to remove the children from the property, all power to him. If however he just took them, for whatever reason, then really he doesn’t have a case.

    Children not being able to sleep due to a noisy party is bad, but hardly life threatening. It might be something you might want to politely bring up with their guardians (or the authorities if you feel this is a symptom of something more serious), but isn’t sufficient grounds for removing the children without consent.

    If I’d found someone had removed my partner’s children from the property we were in without our consent then I can imagine exactly how I would feel and can hardly blame anyone for violently attacking the people responsible.

  2. having just been to his website and viewed his injuries, Ican’t believe that no charges have been brought. We don’t know the full story (and probably never will) but there is no excuse for that sort of brutality – all the parents/guardians had to do was remove the children from his house and call the poilice themselves if they felt something was wrong!

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Aug 2008, 8:19pm

    I’ve just read the website too and it doesn’t seem hugely informative to be honest.

  4. If the children were under no constraint, then it’s not kidnapping. Something smells really bad here, especially as the beaten man was a guest at their house just previously. It sounds as if relatives didn’t like the fact that the children’s parents trusted this couple, and thought they found an excuse to vent their homophobia. Smells like the local judge doesn’t want to deal with it, either.

  5. injustice801 21 Aug 2008, 4:32am


    Thank you all for taking the time to read up on this matter and comment!

    I noticed that someone had indicated that the site is not that informative, and yes, you are right. Unfortunately, the site is rather strapped for information due to the fact that I finished it just yesterday morning (I had about 5 hours to set it up).

    We will be adding enormous volumes of information starting tomorrow, and hope that you will all stop by!

    Thanks for all of your support,

    -injustice801 support team

  6. First of all; I think that this is in no way a hate crime. I think that if someone was to take those children from their home without the permission of the caregivers, the same result is just as possible. The fact that the offenders lawyer has labelled this series of events as a “hate crime” only serves the purpose of instilling a sense of sympathy and injustice towards him. This case should be viewed by all as a man that got beaten up for taking children from their own house without their caregivers permission, and he just happened to be gay. You do have to admitt that it is rather suspicious that the children were taken to his room… Whats wrong with sleeping on the couch? Im not homophobic because I am gay. However I am anti gay when it comes to homosexuals crying “hate” whenever a straight person does something bad to them. Not all straight people beat up gays… they may just not like you, dont make a mountain out of a mole-hill by crying “hate”. For-gods-sake MAN UP! This man took children from their own home without consent from a parent/caregiver. Id want to knock him around had they been my children. And lets face it, we have only ourselves to blame for the stigma of homosexuals as paedofiles.

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