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Cornwall man sentenced after homophobic abuse

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Reader comments

  1. So… the assaliant followed the victims back to their hotel.

    That would explain why Cornwall police actually did something…they were tourists! Can’t have the reputation of Cornwall as one massive visitor tourist park dented.

    However, some of us in the local LGBT population KNOW that a positive responce by police IS NOT how Cornwall police deal with homophobic HATE CRIME in the local gay population.

  2. While I agree it is important to pursue charges for homophobic abuse and assault it seems a pretty low sentence for assault. A community order and £350.

  3. Join the UK’s growing mailing list against homophobia – help us all be joining and forming a large online counter offensive in response to hate attacks.

  4. How might we do that, Jeff?
    Tell us and we then can join you :-)

  5. David:- The Criminal Justice Services & Police in Cornwall really do not take homophobic crime seriously.

    Last year a gay youth recieved physical threats of violence via a social website. Through gay community persistence to police it was followed up and resulted in a written warning to the offender,…in Brighton a similar event resulted in a criminal conviction of an offender. Last year in Cornwall a police Sgt. point blank refused to take a statement from a gay eyewitness to a serious attempted blackmail of another gay man, that gay victim was then persicuted by the same police Sgt. because he recognised him as the gay man who reported the attempted offence.

    Its no wonder two gay teenagers are reported as having commited suicide in Cornwall this month…the authorities spout lip service to ‘equa;ity & diversity’, but the old homophobia remains in the police & local authorities.

  6. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Aug 2008, 8:13pm

    WEell Malcolm, or ‘anon’ as you now prefer to be known, this story does rather blow holes in your much vented argument that the police don’t take action against homophobia in Cornwall.

    Looking at average sentencing for assault only about 10 or 11% end in a custodial sentence and those sentences average just under 3 months. His sentence was about par for the course in realtion to the offence.

  7. David Griff 21 Aug 2008, 6:05am

    It should be noted that from the limited facts this seems to have just been a Battery offence, which is merely using unlawful force of anykind, and probably Assault (causing fear within the victim) if that was the case then the sentence isnt that bad, without ABH or GBH the crime will only be tried by a Magistrate and there is only so much a magistrate can do. I think, but I migt be wrong, the magistrate could give a maximum of 6 months imprisonment and a £5000 fine but i think those punishments would be a bit redundent in this case: a fine wouldnt help the victims and imprisonment wont change anything.

  8. Anders: is the mailing list Jeff should have added the address of…

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