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Obama is gay favourite in U.S. opinion polls

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  1. Oh well, at least 3 of us (me included) aren’t dumb enough to go along with what’s the in thing and the trend of politics. Obama is nothing more then a feel good speaker. The world is a dangerous place and we need to take care of some business yet abroad, which Obama is NOT the person to take care of these things. A nice guys, sure, but he doesn’t have the balls to do what is needed to make Americans safe. No other rights(gay or otherwise) matter, unless we have the capacity to defend our freedoms from idiots like Iran and terrorsits in general. My God how soon people forget. I just wish people would think of and consider candidates for themselves, rather then listening to some Hollywood celebrity tell them, who is clueless as to what’s going on in our world. War is bad, yes, but Dictators are worse.

  2. The US has frittered away its founding freedoms by the institution of the Patriot Act. McCain is a sabre-rattling republican basking in the events in Georgia that could wel have been instrumented by Bush just to boost his own image (strong, effective president) and the republican party’s chances.

    If you are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security you don’t deserve them – I believe one of your own statesmen said something along those lines

  3. Gino Meriano 20 Aug 2008, 4:07pm

    McCain gets my vote, he may not support gay marriage but he does support the fact we should still be able to have legal rights, which in my books is a start – thats whow we got the Civil Partnership through

  4. I haven’t seen Obama say anything definite about supporting gay marriage, so on that he’s even with McCain. I will gladly sacrifice some freedom to be secure. I have good friends that were killed in the WTC and I bet they would also be willing to give up some freedom to have the ability to be alive today. The Patriot Act is a long way from totalitarian. My big concern with Obama is if my business can survive the tax and spending mandate increases that he proposes.

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