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Gays to demonstrate against Human Rights Campaign

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  1. Robert A Spiegel 19 Aug 2008, 10:38pm

    I have participated in every major and virtually every minor human rights campaign of my lifetime during the past half century. I am a veteran of anti-war, civil rights, feminist, disability rights, GLBT, United Farmworkers, American Indian and many other movements.

    By many in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community The Human Rights Campain Fund has been characterized as The Human Rights “Champagne” Fund. A nomer not entirely unjustified in my humble opinion as one who has often been a lone voice in raising issues of class, race, ethnic, gender, identification, disability age & other discriminations which exist within the GLBT community.

    I have been active in GLBT Movement since before the “Stonewall
    Rebellion” and participated in the riots and demonstrations which took place during aftermath at Greenwich Village in my hometown.

    Prior to Stonewall, I co-authored the first publication on Gay rights for the American Civil Liberties Union at a time when the ACLU was uncertain still about its own position on GLBT liberty.

    While still an undergraduate student at Queens College of the City University of New York, I enrolled in two of the first four college
    courses explicit on homosexuality taught in America. For teaching said courses, my instructor was fired. Unsuccessful was protest
    I led against his termination — one of few political battles lost by myself in a lifetime dedicated to the cause of human rights.

    Along with late Thomas B. Stoddard, my New York University School
    of Law classmate and friend, I co-founded Senior Action in a Gay Environment — the first elder GLBT organization in America.

    I co-founded a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender organization with United States General Accounting Office prior to establishment
    of Federal Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Employees number of years later.

    I have testified about GLBT rights in general as well as against sodomy laws and in favor of same sex marriage before many municipal
    governments. I have spoken also about bias and prejudice within the GLBT community at numerous summits on sexual minority rights.

    From the founding of Human Rights Campaign, I have never found HRC to be a particularly representative organization within the sexual minority community. Furthermore, I think the record will show that
    HRC has been singularly unsuccessful even with respect to its own self-defined mission as GLBT political lobbying & action committee.

    The time is long past for the sexual minority community to re-examine not only the role to be played by HRC in the present, but whether this organization should continue to exist in the future!

    I was only male — Board Member, Staff Member or Staff Volunteer
    to support a dozen women in the successful effort to rename NGLTF the National Gay AND LESBIAN Task Force as well as to change the organization charter for the purpose of allowing service by a woman as the sole (as opposed to co-) executive director.

    Timothy McSweeney, my friend and fellow National Gay and Lesbian Task Force volunteer, would ultimately leave his postion at the Task Force to become the first executive director of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis — the first Gay HIV/AIDS organization in America. Subsequently, I divided my volunteer time between NGLTF and GMHC.

  2. Was going to comment but it got lost .
    I was faced with an wholly indecipherable capcha
    [N.B. Pandagon has utterly given up on same]

    [Just commented that anything which would support Lieberman sux.
    I suspect they’re an ADL off-shoot…thus AIPAC~ish outfit.
    VERY suspect.]

  3. Genesio Oliveira 22 Aug 2008, 1:45pm

    I can say for sure that HRC are refusing to help reunited my family. For more information about our case goes to :

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