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Fox News apologises for transgender comments

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Reader comments

  1. Although it’s good when people apologise, sometimes it’s seen as a small price to pay for being able to spout hate. There’s something insincere about this apology – even the mention of GLAAD seems pitched to make the prejudiced viewer roll their eyes (“Oh, it’s just those weirdos complaining”, etc). Fox didn’t admit it was offensive, they only mentioned GLAAD had SAID it was. Big difference. And how could it not have been their intention to offend? But, of course, I forgot! LGBT people aren’t like us good Americans – they’re lunatics who keep pushing the evil Homosexual Agenda. All the NORMAL viewers will have been laughing their heads off, won’t they, Fox? Your apology was mere lip service.

  2. Carla Lewis 19 Aug 2008, 4:20pm

    Clearly, two non-apologies. Apologies are not qualified. You don’t punch someone in the face and then tell them it wasn’t your intention to cause them pain. “I’m sorry that your head is throbbing. I’m not sorry for hitting you.”

    These jerks need to apologies for THEIR actions not the assumed HURT of their victims. “I’m sorry that your ego and character are bruised and so is that of you’re community.” “I’m not sorry for talking about you as if you were non-human you it, shemale, tranny he/she.”

    In other words, there never sorry for their action but sympathize with your reaction.

  3. I agree. It seems like open season on Transgendered people by the Transphobes. Many will attempt to address you by using your natal gender pronouns, as to look through how you dressed today and what gender that you now appear as. When corrected, they say, “Oh, sorry”, but they already just got their dig into you.

  4. I have had the misfortune to view FOX News on trips to the US. It really is a pitiful excuse for journalism, with the basest, lowest values I have ever seen.

    They set out to turn every discussion into a playground slanging match and employ the worst style of tabloid excess in order to win viewers. Fair and balanced reporting naturally is the first casualty of this.

    I contend that their sole and abiding aim with this discussion was to offend and this pseudo apology underlines that. They were proud to broadcast their bigotry and they were glad to jump at the chance to munderline it by airing this non-apology.

  5. I’m with Nick here, Fox news has the same reputation the Daily Mail has in the UK… i.e. Right wing bigotry masquerading as impartial news.
    “The Colbert Report” is Comedy Central’s parody of it (like a right wing “Day Today” with genuine studio guests), though there are some days where the reality exceeds even Stephen Colbert’s piss-take.

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