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Catholic League president objects to gay press at Democratic Convention

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Reader comments

  1. A bishop slams the existence of a free press… at a democratic convention.
    Poor guy, he’ll be drowning in the lulz come tomorrow (to invoke a leet mannerism).

  2. “Crazy” Bill Donahue ( ) a loud mouthed bully. He is like a one-man Inquisition, organising witch hunts against any individuals or organsaiotns that in any way dare to insult his religion. He recently orchestrated a hate campaign against a student and zoologist PZ Myers over a threat to “desecrate” a cracker (the biscuit that catholics believe magigally becomes the body of Christ in church).
    (See )

    You have to give as good as you get with kooks like this. Donahue also went after emmy award winner Kathy Griffin, who simply admitted that “no one had less to do with my award than Jesus”; has tried to get Bill Maher sacked; has stopped Budweiser from sponsoring Folsom in San Francisco. Of course, Fox News loves him.

    Griffin summed it up: “I’ve been doing some research. The Catholic League is one man with a computer…”
    The gay community must do battle with people like this.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 19 Aug 2008, 4:49pm

    Blowhard Donohue is a right wing bigot and hypocrite. For almost two millenia, his church has been offending us, even promoted our execution during the middle ages, so now he’s getting bent out of shape by our bashing back, deservedly so. He bashes us, we bash back with impunity. This is the same man who recently stated on a radio show on Air America recently that paedophilia is an overwhelmingly gay issue.


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