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Indian gays demand British apology for sex law

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Reader comments

  1. Oh come on… this is nonsense on stilts. There’s been over 60 years of successive governments to repeal or annul these laws. They chose to keep them. Why not blame Rajiv, Indira and Mohandas Gandhi as well, for instance? What next, an apology from Norway for the Vikings?

  2. Omar Kuduus 18 Aug 2008, 1:39pm

    Sodomy laws can be found around the world. Today, consensual homosexual acts between adults are illegal in about 69 out of the 195 countries of the world; in 40 of these, only male-male sex is outlawed.
    This number has been declining since the second half of the 20th century. All of Europe, North America and nearly all of Latin America or/and South America have recently abolished sodomy laws (except for; Belize, Guyana” along with several Caribbean islands, including Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago). This trend among Western nations has not been followed in all other regions of the world (Africa, some parts of Asia, Oceania and the Caribbean Islands), where sodomy often remains a serious crime. Homosexual acts remain punishable by death.
    Incredible that all those Nations where it is still illegal are former British dependencies and full members of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Besides, most of these Nations still make use of the same Acts /Laws dating back to the Colonial Times.
    The British Government is not doing anything to overturn this kind of old-fashioned legislation, which is not surprising considering the antiquated HOBI system of dealing with Gay Asylum seekers and the Home offices own country specific guidelines that are outdated and do not reflect the true situation faced by LGBT’s.

  3. I agree – it is ironic that british gay couples can now have civil partnerships & laws that protect them (in theory), but LGBT people in India are not afforded this protection despite britian forcing these laws onto them in the first place!

  4. obviously India and all the other british ex-colonies that inherited the sodomy laws should repeal them but to blame britain for them is nonsense! Those countries are all independent, so it’s no longer anything to do with britain what their legal systems say… The irony is that if they hadn’t become independent they would have had the laws repealed by now, along with the UK and LGBT Indians would now have civil partnership rights….It would make more sense for them to ask us to recolnise, then they get equality immedietly!

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 18 Aug 2008, 7:22pm

    Look at Canada, a former British colony that even went further than the UK by opening marriage to its gay citizens, including anyone from overseas. No other country has done that. In Canada, a British Civil Partnered couple can upgrade to full marriage by marrying, whereas, a Canadian married gay couple’s marriage would not be recognised in the UK for what it is other than a civil partnership which isn’t marriage but which implies that even though the couple has a legal marriage certificate declaring they are married, our screwed up government says no to that. Absurd and ridiculous. It could only happen in Britain, land of the eccentric.

  6. What a lot of nonsense! India has been independent since 1947, and has been master of its own destiny since then! In 1947, homosexuality was illegal in the UK, but the laws have been changed here since then. It’s outrageous to ‘blame’ the UK for current Indian laws – just get the Indian legislature to deal with it!

  7. Sisterhood of the Traveling Sari 18 Aug 2008, 9:30pm

    Adrian-T and Andy: in case you didn’t read the full article, the activists also demanded that the Indian government repeal the anti-gay laws. But England has to take the bulk of the blame for the imposition of Victorian morality. Not only did England enact anti-gay legislation, it also corrupted other aspects of Indian social and cultural life, such as the devadasi (temple dancer) tradition (which they deemed immoral). You know, it’s not as if colonized countries gain freedom and then snap! everything chanegs overnight. The British were in India for 300 years and affected the moral landscape of the country to the point where certain mentalities became ingrained. A mere apology isn’t enough. It’s not like they are asking for the Kohinoor dimaond back.

  8. Sisterhood of the TS – I would certainly support you in asking for the return of the Kohinoor diamond (I’ll throw in the royal family into the bargain as well, if I could!). They were stolen from you, and this act of pillaging is celebrated in the Tower of London.

    I’m sorry but no, even 300 years of “shaping the landscape” is no excuse. You have had two-thirds of a century of scientific data, from Kinsey, from countless scientists in the last 30 years, making it quite clear that homosexuality is a natural pheonomenon.
    Your politicians are all adults, with the same brainpower as any of us. Yet they chose to ignore all this. Why should they, from Gandhi onwards, be exhonorated from blame? By doing so, you are almost saying they are not capable of decision making….

  9. Adrian, the same could be said for advances in dentistry, and yet “your people” could crack the kohinoor with their smiles…

  10. Nipun Goyal 27 Oct 2008, 8:55pm

    As an Indian gay, although i do not think there is any need for the UK Govt to apologize, (We are a free country, and our Govt chose to retain these anti-gay laws), but i think there has to be some sort of responsibility upon the UK Govt to atleast put diplomatic pressure on its former colonies to do away with British-era laws that go against human rights. If Spain and Canada can pull up the Indian Govt. on gay rights, why not Britain as well?

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