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Gay Nazi victim memorial vandalized

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Reader comments

  1. There is no excuse for vandalising it of course, but it is a horrible thing.

  2. We are obviously as hated by some as the Jews. Maybe we will also be able to take over a nice piece of land on the Med and set up our own state. Just a thought

  3. That picture is of the memorial to murdered Jews, not the lgbt memorial isnt it?

  4. Artemis McKillop 18 Aug 2008, 6:12pm

    Why have we as as species not moved on from this? Do the Jewish memorials get vandalised? Seldom. How about the Polish memorials? Nope. The memorials to those poor souls drawn up to fight on both sides go unmolested too.

    Why then does the pink triangle remain pinned to our lapels even 63 years later?

    Next year marks 40 years since both Stonewall and the legalisation of homosexuality in Germany. I can only hope that people’s minds are a little more open by then.

  5. Jewish cemeteries often get vandalised. hate is hate is hate – the people who perpetrate these sorts of crimes often don’t make too fine a distinction.

  6. Worst part of it is the thought that by this reaching the news and being protested about rather than simply fixed, part of me wonders if we’re not giving the facists the oxygen of publicity they wanted in the first place.
    I guess that’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation.
    The only way to get the better of these thugs is to starve their cause of publicity and arrest them without the bells and whistles.

  7. Gregory Mileschosky 19 Aug 2008, 5:36am

    It is always sad when ignorance, lack of information, preservation of history causes people to act in a negative way and then think they are proving something or changing the past by their misguided actions. If you dare to be different, or don’t believe the way the majority demands, they believe that they can force you into their way of thinking. Vandals didn’t prove anything, this memorial and those who in death forever touched the world and were no threat. There are few people in the world that would deserve the torture that these people went through. They paid a bill that they didn’t owe with their lives. These vandals can’t hurt them any further. So their efforts were a waste. Only thing it does show is they have no respect for those who have died believing in what they believed. What threat is there to a straight population to anyone if you are, gay, bi, or trans gender? We have empowered the negative factors by keeping silent on too many occasions or issues. TO be heard, we must all unite and talk in one voice, not say its no good, no one is listening. Speak until those people get sick of you speaking. You can make a point by not lowering yourself to the violence, but unite because words can be stronger than the thickest chain. Chains can be broken. Educate people and Vote for those who will best represent ALL people.

    I would like to also comment on someone who made a comment that Polish and Jewish memorials are seldom bothered. I am not sure of what nativity/country he is, but I am in the United States of America. Polish and Jewish cemeteries, synagoues, and memorials are subject to frequent vandals with fires, damages to cars. tomb stones etc. and spray painting of Hitlers spider. A couple years back radicals were going around and burning black or predominately black churches. We also have had people (non-Catholic) go around to the Catholic cemeteries knocking down statues. Yes, even gay bars are subject to issues with anyone coming out is beat up etc. All are issues displaying ignorance etc. and most of the time get away with it because they are the majority. We just have get things out there in a positive light. I live in reality, I know a few people can and will make a difference.

  8. fuck you, faggots

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