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HIV infection from gay blood donors likely once every two centuries, lawyer claims

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  1. As a gay man who has always practised safe sex and exercised respect for my health and the health of my sexual partners, I would NOT want a transfusion of blood knowing it originated from the gay community. Our community is now rife with barebacking and pathalogical men on the fast-track to self-annihilation (the recent report that gay men on average die younger than the mainstream was spot on), and a recent report on these pages revealed that one third of HIV-positive gay men are knowlingly having unsafe sex with other gay men without disclosing their status. Gay militants bleat on about “gay pride”, but where is the pride in a community that is rampantly spreading a killer disease willy nilly? And lest we forget, HIV remains a killer disease. The drugs, however effective, serve only to delay the onset of AIDS, perhaps long enough that you may die of something else. But the fact is that HIV is a terminal condition because there is no cure, and gay men are still being infected at epidemic levels tahnks to rank complacency and indifference. The famous American AIDS activist was spot on when, in 2004, he branded positive men who have unsafe sex with other gay men without disclosing their status as “murderers” when he said: “I wish we could understand and take some responsibility for the fact that for some years we have been murdering each other with great facility, and that down deep inside of us, we knew what we were doing.” This is the reality, despite the thrashings and stompings and bullying tactics of the radical militant lobby who try to enforce their lunatic agendas down everyone’s throats. Why should I, therefore, or anyone else for that matter be expected to willingly accept blood from a gay man, regardless of the science that claims it to be safe? Whatever happened to the freedom of choice? Frankly, if anyone came at me with a syringe full of gay blood, I would run a mile.

  2. The American Actvist to whom I refer to in my prior posting is, of course, Larry Kramer.

  3. What a disturbed man you appear to be to make so many ill-informed and self-loathing posts under such a wide variety of pseudonyms.

    Donations from all sources should be thoroughly screened and risk assessed (ie both tested clinical with lifestyle, travel history and other risk factors considered). However preventing a whole section of society from donating, based on prejudice and ignorance rather than sound medical reasoning or evidence, merely reduces the number of potential donors. This leads to a shortage of blood stock and THIS is what really puts us all at risk.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Aug 2008, 6:57pm

    “Frankly, if anyone came at me with a syringe full of gay blood, I would run a mile”

    I rather suspect that if you are facing death as a result of a shortage of your blood type or platelet match you might not actually give to shits whether the blood was from a gay person or not as long as it had been thoroughly screened.

    Saying that though, in view of your very strong views on the subject, it might be best if you went without and faced the consequences, while the blood was used on someone that would appreciate the gift of life they had been given.

    But not sure whether you’ll even be able to hear this all the way up there on your high horse.

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