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Family of Lawrence King blame death on school dress code

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Reader comments

  1. Is it just me, or does it seem the family believe it is their son’s fault he was killed? All for wearing make up?

  2. Andew: Yes, it would seem that way.

    The blame is entirely the fault of the boy that murdered him.

  3. I thought that, but couldnt get my head round it!

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 15 Aug 2008, 2:01pm

    Am I just getting old, or is it not the parents’ responsibility to ensure their kids are dressed suitable for school?

  5. Omar Kuddus 15 Aug 2008, 8:26pm

    Please, lets now not put the blame on this tragic case on the victim, for all it does is excuse the perpetrators and send the message that if one is different (or gay), we deserve what we get and that Hate crime is acceptable in any circumstance.
    Until it is established that sexual orientation is just as much a fundamental right as any other, excuses can be made for mindless tragic events.

  6. The parents had kicked lawrence out before he was killed. Lawrence was living in a shelter for abused kids. Now the parents seem to be wanting to profit from Lawrence’s death. I guess they feel like they won the lottery— they got rid of their gay son and get to try to rake in the cash.

  7. Edward in Los Angeles 16 Aug 2008, 12:06am

    Yes, that’s about what it looks like, doesn’t it.

  8. Given the child’s age, I disagree with the parents for removing him. However, by the same token, I would not convict the murderer for their action (well, a light sentence would be all I would go for.. 5-10 years). I think the homosexual agenda of shoving this sickening perversion down people’s throats is paying off the same way it has for thousands of years– murder.

    I blame the parents for turning the boy gay, it IS a learned behavior, not something “genetic” [as hard as they try to prove it, it’s never been]. The homosexual was saved from a life time of ridicule, offending others, and furthering the down fall of our society. Too bad, too… he’s a handsome kid who could have had a lot going for him.

  9. Bryan- are you saying that gayness justifies murder, because it sounds a hell of a lot like it. Also I’d like to see your so called evidence that gayness has caused the downfall of any society yet. Believe it or not, unlike religion, we’re not out to recruit new members or oppress anyone that doesn’t conform to our rigid agenda.
    Just because gay oppression has been the norm for thousands of years doesn’t mean that the status quo should go unchallenged. Until recently in living memory black oppression was the norm. Were you happy that that one went the way of the dinosaur?

  10. David Griff 16 Aug 2008, 6:05am

    What an awful thing for his parents to say. Bryan what do youmean paying off the way it always has nobody murdered people in ancient Rome for having paintings of gay sex on their walls and in ancient Greece Heterosexuality was seen as something necessary that could never really be enjoyed as much as gay sex could. The stringent opression of homosexuality is relatively recent. There’s evidence that it was only part way through the middle ages it started when the church started reminding people it was a sin. Look what that did to the middle ages.

  11. The nutters are out of the asylum again. . . Honestly Bryan, do you bigots not have anything better to do than find gay interest websites and write homophobic drivel on them?

    I’m all for free speech – but that’s just sad. . .

  12. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Aug 2008, 4:51pm

    Bryan, my blinkered little friend, instead of wasting your time pasting your bigoted ‘thoughts’ (and I use that term very loosely) on gay internet sites, why not try actually looking up what the latest research is concluding on why some people are born gay, rather than spouting nonsense.

    A gene inherited from the mother and the amount of testosterone in the mother’s womb are both now considered to be the factors that cause some people to be born gay. That’s considered by scientists by the way, not considered by God bothering twats that believe mankind is the incestuous offspring of Adam and Eve making out in the Garden of Eden.

    What IS a learned belief if the bigotry to churn out. It is not something you were born with it is the product of warped social conditioning and poor education.

  13. daniel barrios 17 Aug 2008, 1:15pm

    b.s.! and if they would have enforced the dress code you know they would have been bitching about his “rights” being violated. anything to make a buck i tell ya. and brian, no, it’s not a learned thing. i grew up in a strict religious, almost homophobic atmosphere and here i am, queer and loving it!

  14. 1-Homosexuality is not grounds for murder.
    2-The young man was not “pushing an agenda”, he was dressing in a way that felt natural and comfortable to him.
    3-His parents don’t have much to say about it, since they disowned him.
    4-In no way was Lawrence King blameworthy for his own murder.
    5-The assailant probably should not be tried as an adult, but given a juvenile sentence, and extensive counseling, as he has probably been thoroughly indoctrinated by bigots like Bryan. His crime should remain on his record, however, because he snuffed out someone’s life for nothing more serious than flirting.
    6-What a horrible, horrible tragedy, that Lawrence’s life should be ended at fifteen years of age. And his death is applauded by bigots.

  15. I live in the US. This country is doomed. This kid should have not been killed of course, but the parents should not have let him go to school that way. Now they jsut want to blame somone lese and I am sure that their attorney is telling them they can get a nice settlement. $).. We need to start over and rebuild our country.

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