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15 August 2008

  • 15th August 2008

    Film Review: Step Brothers

    Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly star in the comedy Step Brothers. Photo by: Gemma La Mana. © 2007 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc

    9:39 PM — Will Ferrell's place as one of Hollywood's favourite comedians is, these days, pretty much secure. He may well have made a fair few duds – Bewitched and Kicking and Screaming (both 2005) spring to mind – but he's also the man responsible for one of the funniest movies of recent years, 2004's Anchorman. He has been so prolifically hard-working that he's cropped up in everything from the first two Austin Powers movies to a Woody Allen film, the animated kids' movie Curious George to the film version of the stage version of The Producers. Thanks to his “Frat Pack” credentials he's also had cameos in the likes of Zoolander, Wedding Crashers and Starsky & Hutch to boot – not to mention the entertaining short skits he's been producing for the internet.

  • Film Review: Hellboy II: The Golden Army

    Selma Blair plays Liz Sherman and Ron Perlman stars as Hellboy in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

    9:31 PM — There's a good chance that, of all the many dozens of superhero movies released during the last few years, Hellboy is the one you haven't seen. A protagonist who's a big red demon? Not a single A-list star (unless you count John Hurt, which sadly few do)? A director who, at the time of Hellboy's release in 2004 was best known for the so-so superhero sequel Blade II and shoddy monster movie Mimic?

  • Coronation Street: Mercenary Tony threatens Jed

    Will unscrupulous Tony leave Jed for dead?

    9:16 PM — The only thing missing in Coronation Street this week is a mad cackle of laughter and a thunder clap to accompany mercenary Tony. He's forcing pensioners from their homes while rubbing his hands with glee. We've all heard of cold-hearted business people, but he really takes that concept to a whole new level.

  • Emmerdale: Can Donna nab Freddie in time to clear Viv’s name?

    Donna attempts to arrest Freddie

    9:11 PM — Donna is looking over some CCTV footage at work when she's shocked to spot someone who looks exactly like Freddie walking out of a shop. As you can imagine, she gets quite worked up at this sighting and Ross has to do his best to calm her down. But Donna becomes determined to pay a visit to the shop.

  • EastEnders: Stacey and Bradley back together for good 1

    Bradley and Stacey celebrate getting back together

    9:05 PM — It's a wonder that Stacey Branning is still this side of sanity after everything the market stall trader has been through. If being a part-time carer for her deranged mum Jean wasn't enough to drive her to drink, she's got a psychopath for a brother and has also managed to sleep with her husband's father.

  • Hollyoaks: Tina tells Jacqui that she wants to keep baby Max

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    9:00 PM — Jacqui is enjoying being a mum to baby Max. But in true soapland drama style, her parenting bliss is about to be short lived.

  • Bisexuality passed on by “hyper-heterosexuals”, researchers claim 4

    The researchers carried out a survey of 239 men, asking about their families and sexual experiences

    4:19 PM — Academics at the University of Padua, Italy, claim that bisexual men may have inherited their attraction to men through 'hyper-heterosexual' female family members.

  • German Arabic magazine claims gay men carry “flesh-eating bacteria” 9

    The article was reported to police by the Lesbian and Gay Association of Berlin-Brandenburg

    3:55 PM — A German Arabic language magazine is being investigated by police after it published an article claiming that shaking hands with gay men can transmit disease.

  • Interview: Rhona Cameron 2

    The new tour is comprised of spanking new material

    3:20 PM — Being a stand-up comedienne and author is hard work. PinkNews.co.uk finds Rhona Cameron suffering from a serious case of press fatigue, having an entire day of interviews both behind and ahead of her.

  • Gay wedding for DeGeneres and De Rossi 2

    The ban on gay marriage in California was lifted in May

    3:06 PM — Comedienne and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres marry her longterm partner, actor Portia de Rossi, in California this weekend.

  • Tyra Banks Ready to Name America’s Next Top ‘Trans’ Model? 1

    This season will introduce the show’s first transgender contestant

    2:50 PM — Could this be the season America’s Next Top Model scores a Cover Girl contract for a trans woman? On the heels of the judges declaring the first plus size model a winner last season comes news this season will introduce the show’s first transgender contestant.

  • LGBT police consultation group under threat 3

    Local LGBT people are entitled to vote at the meeting

    2:42 PM — Aurora, Corydon's LGBT police consultation group, is facing closure due to a lack of local support. The group, which works to represent LGBT issues to the Croydon Police Community Group, will hold a meeting on 9th September, at which a motion to close it will be debated.

  • Graham Norton could replace Terry Wogan as Eurovision host 2

    Graham Norton has a £6m BBC deal

    1:58 PM — Gay comedian Graham Norton is rumoured to be being lined up by the BBC to replace Sir Terry Wogan as the British host of Eurovision.

  • Family of Lawrence King blame death on school dress code 15

    Mr McInerney will face charges of first degree murder and committing a hate crime

    12:31 PM — The family of a gay student who was shot in class blames his death partially on the school district for not enforcing the school dress code.

  • Canadian found guilty of child abuse 1

    Mr Neil was arrested by Royal Thai police

    11:30 AM — A Canadian man has been convicted for abusing a teenage boy in Thailand. Christopher Neil, a 32-year-old schoolteacher, was sentenced to three years and three months in prison and fined 60,000 baht (£954).

  • HIV infection from gay blood donors likely once every two centuries, lawyer claims 4

    The statistic was put forward by Mr Cain's lawyer, Peter Tree SC

    10:01 AM — The Anti-Discrimination Tribunal against the Australian Red Cross' ban on gay blood donation heard today that HIV-infected blood from a gay man was likely to slip through screening only once in 197 years.

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