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Teenager accused of trans woman murder found innocent

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Reader comments

  1. Makes me wonder if the police really looked into times and movements of the suspect during the time Ms. Telesford is supposed to have died. Jamaica is known for it’s generally homophobic attitude and Mr. Hyatt, hailing from that island, might have turned violent after finding out his date wasn’t as straight as he supposed she was. I hope there’ll be an appeal.

  2. An absolute travesty! Why would he steal her belongings after she had given him oral sex for no reason? And how likely is it that she brought another man home and had strange sex games with him on the same night? Were there not signs of struggle? If so, why would she struggle against someone she was involved in a sex game with?

    I hope Mr Hyatt is convicted of his other crimes and deported once he has served his jail term.

  3. Rodney Ashley Ballard , Nottingham 20 Aug 2008, 4:55am

    This will open your eyes because it beggars belief and it really is true, Kellie has defied all odds and broken through the barriers to bring this to you. I have always had a spiritual gift,in October last year when Kellie was unknown to me, I was selected,tested and not found lacking and hence given the means to rescue what can only be described as the spirit of a saint. In November last year when I read of Kellies murder it meant little to me other than sadness at what had happened. Yet as the days went by I had much pain of heart, eventually it got so bad that it was as if my own child had been murdered.Then on the 4th of December whilst laying in bed fretting about Kellie I was confronted by a vision of Kellie in bright radience,her beautiful eyes held me in an appealing gaze. After much thought and consultation I decided that I must be the one that had to carry out the task so on the 17th of December I went down to Flat 1,81 Leander Road and brought her out of there. I was not sure if I had been successful but the following morning my mame was called in voice that I had never heard it made me shudder ,she was not alone either as I saw a vision of a young male transexual with short blonde hair styled like Kellies his eyes were made up like a womans and he wore a full length black coat.It was not until after her funeral(which she did not attend) on the 7th of January that I started to again become aware of her. About the end of February I started to feel cool draughts over my face whilst in bed then I started to receive images first of Trinidad then of Floristry and then of her black ancestors and then some very extraordinary ones of egypt and the valley of the Kings at a time when there was much green vegetation there.Also an animated scene of a murder there in the very distant past and images of Bastet the cat god and the all seeing eye. After more Spiritual consultation I was informed that my soul and the soul of Kellie were in two quite powerful and gifted people who worked together and were great lovers,souls cant bear to be separated. We worked under the rule of Seti 1st in the 19th Dynasty ,the person who had Kellies soul was done away with.This seems to tally as Kellie informs me that in spirit she is a man and not so beautiful as she was in the flesh but she still feels the same.She was most likely done away with in those distant days for being transsexual.Kellie is much stronger now,she can touch me and even hold my hands quite firmly and I am not afraid as she is gentle,kind and extremely alert and has free will.She has made me a better man as she hears all I say and sees all I do and has shown her displeasure of my bad habbits. She loves club music and will take my hand in Dance. Now having filled you in on the great honour bestowed upon me we will go on to the heavy bit. I have travelled down to the Old Bailey every day for nine days so that Kellie and I could hear every minute of case T008-7007.The result was most dissapointing.Kellie appraises the stirling work of the prosecuter Sally O`neill QC however the evidence was not strong enough to nail Hyatt.Now the defence do not fare very well and Kellie is digusted at the lies,assumtions,hypoth`eses and unfounded sexual theories used to instill doubt into the jury who at best were buffoons many of them too young to have any real life experience. And she was not too keen on the Judge either for pushing them and allowing them to take short cuts for a quick descision.The defence brought forward a doubtful Professor of psychiatry who`s speciality was sexual perversions(possibly because he was obsessed by them) to brainwash the jury into believing that self strangulation was a real possibility.kellie wondered why her close friends were not in the public gallery as they would have been livid since when did she ever think of getting a sexual high from Cerebral Hypoxia?Then they brought forth a silly doctor Patel to denounce some of the findings of a tried and trusted coroner who had completely ruled out sexual misadventure.Dr Patel also said that Kellie had the strength of a man and could have easily fought off 17 year old hyatt if she had wished and he had never seen Kellies body.kellie says that she was employed as a beautician and did not have the strength of a Navvy,Stone Sculptor or Mechanic.Besides she was taken by surprise.Then they brought forth a publicity seeking Sun Reader(Darren Simpson) who sucked up to Sun reporters last year, and he witnessed that he had seen Kellie on the evening of Sunday the 18th of November at around 11pm when Kellie no longer had a body to exist in!What hurt Kellie the most is the way they played upon the untidiness of her flat.Of course it was,it had been ransacked and who washes up after a night of Booze,smokes and whatever until the morning which she never saw in the flesh.And besides the Police had a field day in there.Now we will go on to the really Heavy bit(the absolute truth).In the early hours of the morning of Sunday the 18th of November 2007 at Flat 1,81 Leander Road ,Thornton Heath,CR7-6JZ Hyatt was lying on the bed asleep or most likely pretending to be.The time was just after 3am when Kellie being tired dropped off.At about 5am She was awoken by the sound of Hyatt dismantleing her audio visual equipment,she challenged him and he became violent,he strangled her on the bed.Being very sleepy she had little chance.You know the rest, he made off with all that he could carry.Now Hyatt will soon be free and whether here or in Jamaica he will graduate to more serious and violent crimes but powers greater than those of this world are shaddowing him and there will be no escape.1

  4. Rodney Ballard 15 Aug 2012, 12:01am

    What I have long been waiting for seems to be coming to pass and that is tha Striking Off of “Dr ??? Freddy Patel “. He was instrumental in getting murderer Shanniel Hyatt acquitted. He was first exposed in 2002 yet he continued to practice freely until finally weight of evidence against him brought him down after G20 exposure. see

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