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Government will not reprimand ‘gay cure’ MP

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  1. Why not write to her, and her party leader? Her email address is Her party leader’s address is

  2. Would the response from the Government have been the same if she’d made a viciously RACIST remark? I think not….

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 14 Aug 2008, 1:48pm

    If the shoe were on the other foot and Robinson were a lesbian and said the same things about straights, there would be more than public uproar! She’s just a dim-witted christo-fascist, cultist bigot, lets face it. Free speech is one thing, but denigrating someone’s sexual orientation (their life) is tantamount to hate speech that often incites violence, sometimes with a fatal outcome. She and others of her ilk are complicit in crimes committed against us and she should be prosecuted for incitement to hate. Her cultist beliefs should be confined to her home, not in the public sector where it definitely doesn’t belong. After all, hers is a lifestyle, a choice, learned behaviour, ours isn’t.

  4. Nigel Holland-Williams 14 Aug 2008, 1:54pm

    I cant believe she has been allowed to get away with it!
    I think we should all write to her and tell her how we feel.
    I for one wont be voting Labour again.
    This woman is just inciting gay hate crimes and potentially even inciting homophobic attacks and murder.
    Had she off said this about a black, asian or any other race there would be public outroars and demands for her to resign or be sacked.
    For Giods sake this is the 21st century, it is hard to believe that this attitude is still going on espescially in such a high profile position.
    I am a practising Christian, have been gay all my life and have yet to find where, in the Bible, the word gay or homosexual immorality is mentioned. I am actively involved in my Church and have never yet had a problem about being Gay!!!!

  5. isnt obvious that shes dying for a bit of pussy?
    iris if you come out we will forgive you
    and we will support you through the process
    otherwise stay in your cave and masturbate with your sadistic dead man crucifix

  6. Simon Murphy 14 Aug 2008, 2:19pm

    The email address of her party is (I suspect that her email address has been suspended).

  7. Simon Murphy 14 Aug 2008, 2:21pm

    Her party address is (just in case she’s suspended her email address)

  8. Dennis Hambridge 14 Aug 2008, 2:36pm

    Thats the Hyprocacy of the currant New Labour government who are supposed to be up for Equality and Human Rights, the quicker they are kicked out, they are no longer a party for the people

  9. Dennis Hambridge 14 Aug 2008, 2:39pm

    The sooner both she and the New Labour government are out of office the better it will be, at least we will know then who are stabbing the people in the stomach and not the back, New Labour are no longer the peoples party.

  10. Simon Murphy 14 Aug 2008, 2:39pm

    And while you’re at it why not report her to the police as incitement to hatred is a crime.

    here’s the link:

    When asked the date/time and place of the crime enter:

    June 6 2008, 9.15am.

    When asked where the crime took place enter ‘The incident took place on the Nolan BBC Radio show on Radio Ulster during a telephone interview”

    You should mention that the criminal described a minority group who are protected by equality legislation as an ‘abomination’ thereby endangering them. Also mention the fact that she has since gone on record as saying gay people are worse than child abusers thereby further endangering us.

    When asked the name of the criminal enter: ‘Iris Robinson c/o DUP HQ, 91 Dundela Avenue, Belfast BT4 3BU’

    For her description enter : ‘Woman, middle-aged, white, shoulder length brown hair, thin lips, brown eyes’

  11. To Nigel
    The closest we can come to it is in the story of the Roman Centurian who came to Christ and asked his to heal his sick servant, in the original the word for servant can also be used for boyfriend/lover, and we know from other sources that it was very common for Centurians and other officers to have younger male lovers. Did Christ tell him he was ‘an abomination’? No! He healed the servant/lover …… and no doubt the centurian and the young servant lived happily ever after.

    To some others
    There was never ever likely to be any chance of the Government reprimanding ‘the wicked witch of the north’ …. no Government, Labour, Tory, Lib Dem or other, has that power. She is answerable to the electorate, and only to the electorate, and her comments to the Commons Committee would be covered by Parliamentary Privilege anyway. Had she made her comments in the Commons Chamber then it would be up to the Speaker to chastise her, and MPs in general to show their digust.

  12. Peter LaBarbera 14 Aug 2008, 4:22pm

    Mr. Murphy, as a red-blooded American who cherish freedom and despises the Thought Police mentality that you represent, I find your comments frightening. The “incident,” you say? It’s called free speech. Why don’t you develop some thick skin and win the battle of ideas rather than attempt to legally persecute people for voicing their conscience? God help us if U.K.-style “thought crimes” laws/policies ever take hold in America!

  13. Simon Murphy 14 Aug 2008, 4:41pm

    The irony of an American lecturing others on freedom of speech when their own civil liberties have been so massively limited by their Patriot Act. And considering that the US government is trying to get other countries to extradite imams preaching jihad against the west it’s hardly like the US actually gives a toss about freedom of speech. I’m sure if you started preaching jihad against the west you’d get yourself a 1 way ticket to Guantanamo concentration camp.

  14. Simon Murphy 14 Aug 2008, 4:46pm

    If promoting jihad against the west is not covered by freedom of speech (and in the US and Europe it is not) then I hardly think promoting hatred against minorities is any different. That’s what Robinson is doing.

  15. Paul Nolan 14 Aug 2008, 6:03pm

    I find it pretty funny (but mostly sad) the way Americans harp on about Free Speech™ yet are willing to sign away their own where it counts. It’s turned from “the right to say ‘hang on a minute’ when the government fucks you over” to “the right to act like a hateful moron”.

    Give me legislation against the latter over loss of the former any day.

  16. Peter LaBarbera 14 Aug 2008, 7:27pm

    OK, Simon, so who gets to decide what constitutes “hatred” and what constitutes acceptable speech? The Official UK Bureau of Speech Review? Think about the implications of what you’re doing. It’s totalitarian. Are YOU bereft of “hate”? I can assure you we at Americans For Truth have received some awful “hate” mail from GLBTs like you. Who ever heard of prosecuting a politician for voicing traditional beliefs? Simon, are you really equating this politician with Taliban-like jihadists? Get a grip.

  17. It really is time that sane and reasonable people stopped politely tippy-toeing around the real issue relating to religiously-incited hatred of minorities – religious delusion!

    define: Delusion: (psychology) an erroneous belief that is held in the face of evidence to the contrary.

    As anyone with an adequate theological education can tell you, Jesus’ Apostles (and their followers) preached the imminent, apocalyptic arrival of the Kingdom of God, and portrayed Jesus as doing so too. They were utterly wrong with this prediction. They were demonstrably deluded.

    Iris Robinson is free in the UK to believe that demonstrable delusions are facts in the privacy of her own constricted mind, if she wishes to do so. She should not be at liberty to incite contempt and hatred of others – on the basis of those delusions – without challenge to those very delusions.

  18. Yes, robfox66, I couldn’t agree more.

    Make a point of writing (more effective than an E-mail) to Iris, your own MP, and the prime minister. You may also wish to write to David Cameron, as he is on very, very good terms with Peter Robinson, and surely as the leader of Her Majestys’ opposition should speak out – that is if the Tory party really have changed.

    But don’t just E-mail, send a written letter, and hassle these politicians. Don’t stop, until they get the message ‘WE ARE NOT GOING TO STOP UNTIL SHE IS OUT OF OFFICE’. Don’t let the story die. Time to make a stand.

  19. Omar Kuddus: GayasylumUK 14 Aug 2008, 9:21pm

    Another Prime example that shows that as LGBT’s we are not equal and allowed to be discriminated against.
    True equality shall only be achieved when we are treated as equals, with similar rights in all aspects of life and it is established that sexuality is just as much as fundamental right as any other.
    It is time to show our elected representatives that we no longer are prepared to be discriminated against or tolerate the injustices that are carried out in our name.

  20. Brown needs the DUP (and has probably promised them a lot in terms of allowing them to maintain certain bigotted regulations in NI

  21. Sister Mary Clarence 14 Aug 2008, 9:55pm

    Peter, thank you for the link to your website, which I read with great interest. I’ve been thinking about a holiday in the States for some time, but the impression given through the media seems to be that it can be a bit prudish and not quite as wild as I’d like for my holidays.

    Having seen the goings on written about in graphic detail on your site, I’ll be grabbing my poppers and getting on the next plane over there.

    Obviously San Francisco looks good from what you have on the website but can you point me in the direction of any other of the more sleazy cities maybe?

  22. On a lighter note, I came across a few hilarious links to do with Belfast’s 2008 Gay Pride march poking fun at Iris Robinson.
    Enjoy !!

  23. I really do think some people should grow up a bit!

    No Prime minister or government has any sort of power to reprimand another MP of another party.

    The person who does have this right happens to be her husband – Peter Robinson, the first minister of NI

    Its pointless asking the Government to do something they do not have the constitutional right to do.

  24. A witch! A witch!

    MONKS: [chanting] Pie Iesu domine…

    CROWD: A witch! A witch! A witch! A witch! We’ve found a witch! A witch! A witch! A witch! A witch! We’ve got a witch! A witch! A witch! Burn her! Burn her! Burn her! We’ve found a witch! We’ve found a witch! A witch! A witch! A witch!

    VILLAGER #1: We have found a witch. May we burn her?

    CROWD: Burn her! Burn! Burn her! Burn her!

    BEDEVERE: How do you know she is a witch?

  25. Iris isn’t a witch. just a hateful religious bigot, who happens to believe an imaginary man in the sky tells her to hate, hate, hate.

    Incredible as it may seem, some people in the 21st century still believe religious mumbo jumbo.

  26. Robert, ex-pat Brit 15 Aug 2008, 1:01pm

    Peter LaBarbera….are you the same one they refer to in the States as “Porno Pete”?

    Friends, is this is the same man…he frequents gay locales, some of them sleazy places where he gets to view men having sex. He’s alleged to have a huge collection of gay porn. This is all in the name of religion. Doesn’t it beg the question, why does he persist visiting gay sex dens repeatedly, surely once is enough. Pete, come out out of that dark closet. What you are doing is not what any normal straight man would be doing. Why are you so hooked or better yet, addicted to gay sex and gay porn? Do tell us!

  27. Robert, ex-pat Brit 15 Aug 2008, 1:05pm

    Ooops, typographical error in my last post. I meant to have said…”Friends…if this is the same man”…sorry.

  28. Peter LaBarbera 15 Aug 2008, 6:58pm

    OK, Robert, so let me get your (il)logic: if a person opposes homosexual activism, as I do, he must be “gay”? Does that make you — who obviously strenuously opposes conservative religious activists — a secret born-again Christian? Come out, Robert! Identify as the Christian conservative you really are!

  29. Mr LeBarbera: Robert’s comment is not actually as silly as it sounds. A few months ago I had a long debate with a young earth creationist who was also, as you call it, a “practising” homosexual. (That’s the Dutch Bible Belt for you… but it indeed made me ask, why do I believe what I believe. George Orwell’s article here, was a help: )

    As far as I am concerned, you and Iris Robinson – and indeed holocaust deniers – are welcome to express your beliefs. Light only comes from heat. All debates should be in the open.

    Clearly, looking at the spin of nonsense you promote on your website – most likely based only on anecdote, or your own prejudice (‘gays are out to recruit our children’, ‘out to turn the military gay’ etc) your real problem seems to be that gay people exist, full stop.

    But isn’t it really the religious people who need a thicker skin? Here are some examples:

    – Massive complaints from Christians about an innocent billboard advertisement sponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation featuring a photo of the Twin Towers and the words “Imagine No Religion” underneath;

    – Catholic fanatics campaigning to have a leading scientist sacked, and organising a massive hate campaign, for threatening to ‘desecrate’ a cracker (seriously)

    – Rabid hysteria because 12 leather-clad people in San Francisco were photographed having a supper together. Apparently, it imitated a mythical event in the Middle East, around 33 CE. And so on.

    These three examples of people exercising their freedom of expression just show how religious people cannot take the slightest criticism for their beliefs. Religius people expect special treatment, so they can’t be criticised, or made fun of. If your faith can’t even stand a bit of lampooning, what good is it?

    Now as for homosexuality being a sin. Whom does it harm? Sin is a meaningless concept. Until you can prove there is a mind at work in the universe, and one that listens to your prayers, cares what you eat, what you think, who you sleep with and how, you are out of the argument. You’re on a losing streak here. Even Mother Theresa could not believe it in the end. She realised no one was listening to her, and it’s high time you did the same –

    As for your mailbag of hate – really, I am shedding crocodile tears for you. You’ve wasted your life campaigning (almost certainly, the only life you will ever have) to promote hatred of gay people. Jesus of Nazareth reportedly warned his followers to expect derision and hatred (Matt 10:22) – provided there was no intent to violence, in your case it is a moral necessity! Take it on the chin.

    You are keen to get gays kicked out of the military. OK, now you tell me what is more dangerous: a US military that allows gay personnel to continue proudly serving their country. Or a US military that is fine to let people who believe in the literal interpretation of Revelation, who would welcome the end of the world and mushroom clouds over New York, LA, Medina etc. When it comes down to it, many Christians in the US would agree with the 9/11 hijackers, who proclaimed to their captives “we love death more than you love life”. Otherwise, LaHaye would not have made such a fortune out of his ridiculous ‘Left Behind’ series.

    You make many assertions about sexuality being changeable. Be that as it may, for most people it isn’t.

    Without doubt, opinions and beliefs are definitely changeable. Do you believe what you believe because you were brought up to do so, or is it because you were brought up with certain beliefs from a very young age? Actually, I think the ultimate reason, is that Constantine I happened to win a decisive battle in 312.

    When you look at the overwhelming evidence, e.g. from the age of the earth, Evolution, the fact that Andromeda is on a collision-course with our solar system, there is no reason to believe in a god. After all, if a highly complex god could exist forever, surely a humble, much simpler DNA molecule could also?

    Peter, why believe without question, the writings of simple Palestinain peasants, who knew no science? Surely, Copernicus, Pasteur, Darwin, Einstein, Curie, Watson, Crick and others have given you better answers to life’s deepest questions?

    The road to Demascus is a two-way street. This is a hard truth for you Peter, but I’m not giving up on you. :-)

  30. Seán McGouran 16 Aug 2008, 11:35am

    The notion of writing to Iris Robinson – in a courteous tone – is a very good one. Simply to point out that she is out of step with 90+% of psychiatrists (including, apparently her ‘lovely’ one, who has resigned as her advisor)amd psychologists would be enough.
    Our opinions on her religious beliefs would be pretty redundant – a dialogue of the deaf – and more to teh point she would not be intimidated.
    And she has been by the response via e-mail and by the wonderful turn-out at Belfast Pride.
    Seán McGouran

  31. For the grieving families and friends of people like Michael Causer – murdered by homophobes: knowing that gayness is the one thing which gets so many religious people foaming at the mouth and spewing their bile is so hard to comprehend. On that basis, dealing vigorously with people like Iris Robinson when they are so hostile towards homosexuality isn’t an attack on free speech but a act of necessity, wholly conducive to a society where people can live without fear, regardless of their sexuality.

  32. Quote – OK, Robert, so let me get your (il)logic: if a person opposes homosexual activism, as I do, he must be “gay”? Does that make you — who obviously strenuously opposes conservative religious activists — a secret born-again Christian? Come out, Robert! Identify as the Christian conservative you really are!

    Peter de la Barbera – can’t speak for you personally. However, theories put forward by Sigmund Freud and recently tested under lab conditions in which self professed homophobes were wired up with devices which measure growth in the groin area (if you catch my drift)while watching gay porn have noted the established trend that some of the most vehement homophobes are in fact closet cases themselves. The theory goes that it’s easier to lash out at others than to face up to your own gay urges. The last test study put the groinal response of a test group of homophobes at something like 80%. They were sat there with full-on wood and still maintaining they weren’t turned on by what they saw on screen. I don’t think it accounts for all homophobes (many just recite the Old Testement by rote out of habit) but it is certainly food for thought. Explains the likes of Ted Haggard anyhow.

  33. Found the following citation from Peter Tatchell’s website:

    Research by US psychologists suggests that 80 percent of men who are homophobic have secret homosexual feelings. This finding lends scientific support to the long-standing speculation that those who shout the loudest against homosexuality have something to hide.

    The research results were published in the prestigious Journal of Abnormal Psychology, with the backing of the American Psychological Association.

    In tests conducted by Prof. Henry E Adams of the University of Georgia, homophobic men who said they were exclusively heterosexual were shown gay sex videos. Four out of five became sexually aroused by the homoerotic imagery, as recorded by a penile circumference measuring device – a plethysmograph.

    Prof. Adams says his research shows that most homophobes “demonstrate significant sexual arousal to homosexual erotic stimuli”, suggesting that homophobia is a form of “latent homosexuality where persons are either unaware of or deny their homosexual urges”.

    The article goes into further detail, but you get the general idea.

  34. Robert – If I can vouch from my own personal experience… it makes me cringe now to think what a homophobic little git I was until somewhere around 13 – 14 years old I discovered my true sexual identity. Even then it took me 8 further years to admit I was gay to myself and a further 5 to admit it to everyone else.
    The only way I can come to terms with my former homophobia is to accept that the religious and social climate I was brought up in wasn’t exactly condusive to accepting gay people as equal, normal or anything other than sub-human perverts. I had a nasty wakeup call when I discovered it wasn’t up to me to choose my own sexuality. But I always just shrugged off my private gay fantasies as a “phase” I was going through.
    It was only when that “phase” lasted a further 8 years that I could admit it to myself. Discovering what the word “dogma” meant also helped.

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