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“Gay cure” MP’s psychiatrist adviser resigns

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 13 Aug 2008, 4:29pm

    Hmmmmm, sounds like guilt by association. Miller must be losing clients and a lucrative livelihood because of it. Both he and Robinson need psychiatric evaluation.

  2. Simon Murphy 13 Aug 2008, 4:38pm

    Too little too late. She needs to be sacked. Why not write to her and her party leader and her party to express your horror at her vicious opinions. Her email address is Her party leader’s address is The DUP’s address is

  3. Purely cosmetic attempt at damping down public criticism. We may Next thing you know, we will probably hear Ms. Robinson saying how she regrets taking bad advice from Mr. Miller. Mr. Miller is a rat leaving the sinking ship (metaphorically speaking, of course).

    Robinson needs to resign. She isn’t qualified for public service.

  4. Cheers for the email address Simon. I sent the old sow a few lines detailing my thoughts. I don’t suppose she’ll read them, she’ll be too busy off souring milk somewhere. Her staff won’t have a problem giving her a summary of the message though, it’s best to be direct!

  5. rick in the usa 13 Aug 2008, 7:33pm

    is it just me or does this woman look just like mary fisher in THE LIFE AND LOVES OF A SHE DEVIL?

  6. Robert – ex pat: APPARENTLY the ‘lovely psychiatrist’ is facing an investigation by the General Medical Council to see if there is a medical malpractise case to answer…. and he could get struck off! The Irish News further reported that he is ‘taking a break’ from his job.

    I would, however, strongly disagree that Robinson should resign – she should be SACKED!

    But let’s show a little Christian charity …. she didn’t mean to say what she said! Aye! Right!! So let’s just sack her for being utterly incompetent, or perhaps she’s just a liar … well either way, let’s have her sacked… and the sooner the better!!!

    It’s worth noting that her Commons Committee outburst was not in response to an unexpected question fired at her. She was ‘welcoming’ her party colleague who had taken over the Chair of the committee, and clearly the ecstacy at the sound of her own voice made her large gob get well ahead of her small brain!!!!

  7. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 14 Aug 2008, 12:10am

    Next the DUP should all resign from any posts they hold and deport themselves out of Ireland.

  8. Coming from the US, I’m not surprised (disappointed). Maybe she should move the US and take up a political career. They’d love her.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 14 Aug 2008, 1:53pm

    AndySam, loved what you said, ditto Bill! Am sending her and her husband a nasty letter.

  10. this bitch is the semen of satan stuck between two pages of a bible

    another case of an upper class snob thinking her opinions and views are better than the submissive masses

    i piss on your union jack bitch

  11. Simon Murphy 14 Aug 2008, 2:55pm

    Incitement to hatred is a crime in Northern Ireland. Why not report her to the polie also. Here’s how:

    When asked the date/time and place of the crime enter:

    June 6 2008, 9.15am.

    When asked where the crime took place enter ‘The incident took place on the Nolan BBC Radio show on Radio Ulster during a telephone interview”

    You should mention that the criminal described a minority group who are protected by equality legislation as an ‘abomination’ thereby endangering them. Also mention the fact that she has since gone on record as saying gay people are worse than child abusers thereby further endangering us.

    When asked the name of the criminal enter: ‘Iris Robinson c/o DUP HQ, 91 Dundela Avenue, Belfast BT4 3BU’

    For her description enter : ‘Woman, middle-aged, white, shoulder length brown hair, thin lips, brown eyes’

  12. To ‘comment’
    The ‘wicked witch of the north’ is NOT an ‘upper class’ snob, sure she’s a snob in a way, but she sure as hell ain’t ‘upper class’ and the only reason she might just qualify as middle class is the size of her income from the public purse. Both she and her husband are MLAs and MPs, and their three [I think] children all work for them …. when you add up the salaries AND the expenses this family must surely rank as the greatest spongers in the country!!!!

  13. Omar Kuddus: GayasylumUK 14 Aug 2008, 9:28pm

    Resign and take your bigoted views with you, please. When are the politicians going to accept that Religion is a choice and the morals it preaches again a individuals choice and has no place in politics.
    This is another prime example that shows that as LGBT’s we are not equal and allowed to be discriminated against.
    True equality shall only be achieved when we are treated as equals, with similar rights in all aspects of life and it is established that sexuality is just as much as fundamental right as any other.
    It is time to show our elected representatives that we no longer are prepared to be discriminated against or tolerate the injustices that are carried out in our name.

  14. i think this “women” needs to put her bible down and pick up a copy of the pink paper! she has no clue on todays modern society. how can she stand for parliment with these views and expect to get votes i hope she dont! and if i ever did she her in the street id kiss my man just to piss her off! and the fact that the government wont repremand her just shows you what type of country we live in! argh! people like this make me so mad!

  15. Given the number of homophobic based murders, and listing to this Christian version of the Taliban in Afghanistan, it seems that this woman is before the fact guilty of aiding in committing proxy murder in the name of God. She and her kind should be held responsible.

    The vilest thing I can think of is this person’s attitude. The best lesson for her would be to send her, with her Bible, to a place like Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia. There she will learn from her own experience the meaning of religious hatred. The shoe fits, let her wear it.

  16. Keith SIMPSON 22 Apr 2009, 6:27pm

    I cannot understand why this woman lumps homosexuals with child abusers.
    There certainly must be some kiddie-fiddlers in our ranks but it is a ‘non sequitur’ to say that ‘homosexual’ is the same as ‘child abuser’.
    There are kiddie-fiddlers among heterosexual people; some loving dads abuse their kids, so do some loving granddads and so on ad nauseam….’nauseam’ being the operative word.
    I am homosexual, staring at 70, and have never had a single, solitary thought about a child in my life; to me, they are the same as women – of no interest whatsoever; give or take 20 years, the little boys might be, the little girls never could be..!
    Incidentally, as an aside, I have often seen small children in distress, having say, lost mummy in the supermarket and wailing buckets.
    I would love to pick the little mite up and kiss it and cuddle it, reagrdless of its snotty nose, and say, “Come on, darling, mummy’s looking for you too and soon we will find her…”
    Oh…can you imagine the field day the likes of this trollop would have with me then…?
    Would I have to take an erection test to prove that the only thing which switches me on is a straight man, who at 6’5” and with a chest like a dustbin lid and legs like oak-tree trunks would be well able repel my advances for himself…or not…as he chose..!
    Daft cows like this haven’t a clue what they are talking about and really should eff off back to some kitchen or bedroom somewhere and just cook and fuck and cuck and fook for the rest of her sad, ignorant life.
    IRIS, HONEY..if you are so bothered what 2 fellahs do behind the privacy of their own locked door, wossit gotta do wiv u…?
    Get a life, dumb cow!

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